PC Day 14 – 15 Lettuce Wrap Ideas

One of the 15 ideas for lettuce wraps found at on the Balanced Bites website. This one is lamb, cooked onions, cilantro and hot sauce wraps. Yum!

Brr! It is cold out there! If you can’t bring yourself to chow down on a lot of salads right now, these lettuce wrap ideas are a great way to get fresh greens in.

Check in!

Congratulations! You are nearly halfway through your first Paleo Challenge! How is it going for you? How are your moods, your energy levels? Are you crushing some PRs at the gym? Are you noticing your clothing fitting better? Now is the time to buckle down, regroup and refocus. Changing something as huge as your eating habits takes time and patience. Did you fall off the plan? Get back up and dust off – be persistent! Here are some thing you can do now to strengthen your resolve:

  • Plan menus for the week
  • Maybe you’re ready for a pantry purge? If it’s poison, chuck it!
  • Make sure you have snacks on hand to redirect your habits and tastes to food choices that will give you lasting and even energy
  • Get inspiration by reading Success Stories
  • Maybe it’s time for a small treat?
  • If you have a social engagement and you’re unsure of what’s being served, eat before you go!
  • Educate yourself. If you haven’t purchased one of the books in the resources list below, consider doing so.
  • No time to read? Subscribe to a podcast (below) and turn your commute into a class.
  • Need some troubleshooting help? Leave a comment below. We’ll do our best to help.



  • The Paleo Solution Podcast (Robb Wolf, Andy Deas/Greg Everett. Covers paleo for athletes a lot. Plus they’re hilarious.)
  • Balanced Bites (Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolf, both Certified Nutritional Therapists and cover holistic health topics from a paleo viewpoint. Also hilarious.)
  • Chris Kresser (Licensed Acupuncturist, his podcasts are great for understanding complex metabolic processes and how to troubleshoot your diet if you’re not getting the “Paleo Brochure” experience)



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