PC Day 17 – Paleo Too Hard To Do With Kids?

From the Whole9’s Kiddo Manifesto, or Why Paleo Grows Awesome Kids.

Today’s post is a little food for thought inspired by comments I hear from time to time about paleo being “too hard” or that it’s a luxury I can manage only because I don’t have kids. And while it’s true that I just can’t speak to the issues involved with managing a lifestyle change like this with children in tow, but there are plenty of people who can.

  • Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo is an excellent resource for busy parents – she’s a mom of three, runs her own business, coaches and trains at her local strength and conditioning gym, and does all that other fun endless barrage of chores necessary to manager her house and her family’s lives. She has a great post about the “too hard” issue and some ways to deal with re-prioritizing activities and values to support healthier habits. She also has a must-read post about how to make your kids excited about the transition to a paleo eating style.
  • Paleo Parents have a great story and an inspiring journey that includes vast improvements in the health and well-being of everyone in their family, little ones included. Everything from weight loss and typical health markers such as blood pressure and cholesterol to improved behaviors in their children and elimination of asthma and skin conditions.
  • Michelle Tam, a clinical pharmacist and mother of two from Nom Nom Paleo talked with the Balanced Bites gals about how she feeds her paleo family. (Episode #44.)
  • School Lunch ideas: From Sarah Fragoso, Michelle Tam, Paleo Parents.
  • This Pinterest Board has some fun ideas, too!

Let us know in the comments your experiences making a transition to this way of eating with your kids. Any tips you can share? Thanks!



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    It’s even true that you can raise a kid paleo from the start! If anyone has questions about forgoing the rice cereal, crackers, and milk for sweet potatoes, eggs, chicken, and avocados, feel free to ask me! Remember that there will always be naysayers who tell you you can’t have a paleo pregnancy or completely avoid formula or never give your kid a cracker – but you don’t have to listen to them (I don’t).

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