April 2022: Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Spring has officially arrived. With the weather getting better, we’re super excited for all the fun upcoming events in the near future. Please take some time to read our news for the month. 

CrossFit Open 2022: Recap/Winners 

And just like that, our 2022 Open is done. It was a fantastic 3 weeks of friendly competition between all 3 teams. Congrats to everyone for showing up, giving it their all, and having fun. We also wanted to thank everyone for their $20 registration fee. We were able to raise several hundred dollars for one of our favorite non-profit charities. The rest of the money will be used to make our custom BCF t-shirts for the winning team. See below for detailed results from the competition. A special thanks to our team captains and Michal K. for creating a spreadsheet with all the numbers. Congrats to team GREEN for pulling off the win by a very slim margin of 23 points. 

Also, be sure to check out our April Blog post. Open 2022 Review: A Celebration of Fitness 

Welcome Clay to the BCF Coaching Staff:

Clay needs no introduction. He’s been a regular 5pmer for the past 6 months at our gym and has been involved in the CrossFit community for over 10 years. Clay brings tons of experience to our staff as he currently holds his CrossFit L-2 certification and has coached over 1000 hours during his 10 plus years in the industry. Clay will be coaching a few night classes a week. Be sure to check out his full bio here. Welcome to the team, Clay! 

Farwell WOD for Coach Ben: Saturday, April 30th 9am only

Bittersweet news for us all but Ben is moving to California for work in May so this is his last month coaching for our gym. Our plan is to do a farewell workout for him that Saturday. Please note we will only be holding one 9am class that morning. We can’t thank Ben enough for being such an integral part of BCF over the years as a member and a coach. Let’s wish him best of luck in his future endeavors! 

April 4th-April 8th: Retest Benchmark Workouts 

Back in January, we introduced new quarterly benchmark workouts. It’s that time to retest those exact same ones. All of our classes this week will be re-testing. These WODS are classic workouts programmed by CrossFit HQ. Be sure to check your score in your Wodify account from back in January to see how much you improved. The workouts in which we will test will be the following: Fran, Grettel, Nancy, Cindy, and Kelly. Dont forget we will continue retesting these WODS every new quarter in 2022. 

New Strength Cycle: April 18th-May 16th  

Just like last year, we will be running a new strength cycle. This 5 week Spring cycle will be another version of the Wyndler Cycle. Mondays for Back Squat, Wednesdays for Deadlift, and Fridays for Strict Press. This means the week before, April 11th, we will be re-testing all 3 of these main lifts to find an accurate 1 rep max. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this cycle, don’t worry and just show up. All the coaches will explain it before each class. We will, of course, continue doing all the workouts of the day during the strength cycle as well

Saturday, April 16th: Local CrossFit Competiton

For those of you who are looking to do your first official CrossFit comp outside of the gym, this is a perfect opportunity. All proceeds from the event will go towards the families affected by the Marshal fires this past December. We already have 2 teams signed up. Let’s try to get at least 2-3 more. If you’re interested but don’t have a partner, let us know asap, and we will find you one. Check out this direct link for more info. 

1st Quarter of 2022 Attendance Winner: Gloria

Back in January, we announced a new quarterly attendance challenge. The member who attended the most classes (verified in Wodify) from Jan 1st-March 31st would win a surprise award! The winner is Gloria with a total accumulated class of 78 over the last 3 months. Honorable mention to Linda with 74 and Casey M. with 71. Come see Zach and collect your prize:) We will continue doing this for the new spring quarter as the slate is back to zero for everyone. Keep coming to class! 

April 2022: Athlete of the Month: 

Congrats, Doris! Doris has been a regular 5pmer for the past year (joined BCF in Feb 2021). 

Why did you join BCF?

I was looking for an environment that fostered both *play & practice* (not just the latter). Any gym can muster up fancy equipment and devise a decent program, but it’s pretty rare to establish and sustain a diverse, fun-loving, no-ego community. Getting to the gym is not a problem for me, but finding a community where you can work out and have non-stop laughter is so rare. Coming to BCF every day is truly a highlight. 

What’s your day job? 

I’m a senior UX manager at Google for over 8 years — leading a distributed design, research and writing team. 

What’s your favorite lift and your least favorite?

I’m cheating and claiming clusters as my favorite. I generally love all the compound lifts. I don’t hate snatches but I have the most room for growth there (generally focused on lighter weights and improving overhead mobility). 

What do you do outside the gym for fun? 

I’m an avid backpacker – if you’re looking for a buddy for hiking, trekking, camping – I’m your girl!

New Members and Happy Birthday April Members: 

Happy birthday to our April members:Kelsey, Gaurav, Chrissy, and Vinay. Please also welcome several new members to the gym. Welcome Brian, Ryan, Kat, Claire, Dimitry, Brenna, Jay and Sue. Next time you see them in class be sure to introduce yourself. 

Yoga with Monique: Saturday, April 2nd 11:15am 

We will continue with our FREE yoga classes on the first Saturday of each month for all current members. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to cut out the second one of the month due to lack of attendance. Please continue to register in Wodify. 

Thanks, everyone for your continued support of Boulder CrossFit! 

Zach T.