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October 2020 Newsletter

Hi Members, 

Fall has officially arrived! While many of us are getting ready for the holiday season right around the corner and hoping for a better 2021, don’t forget that your fitness should be one of your top priorities. That means trying to get in here at the very least 2-3 times a week. 

Recap of September 30k Squat Challenge:

While we officially tallied a total of 26,243, squats, something tells me not everyone recorded every single squat they did this month. Congrats to our top 2 finishers. Brian with a total of 2600 and Randy with a total of 2075. We will hold off on our next challenge until after the holidays in January. The next challenge will come with a very enticing reward for the top finisher. Stay tuned. 

Recap of our Wendler Strength Cycle: 

Congrats to everyone who PR’d on their lifts this past cycle! All your consistency and hard work paid off and we saw some huge jumps in everyone’s back squat, deadlift, and strict press. We are going to take a break from these lifts and focus more on gymnastics, and Olympic lifts over the next 2-3 months. We will start another strength cycle in the new year. 

October 2020 Athlete of the Month:

This time our member of the month goes to Michael! Michael has been a member with us just under a year and is a regular at our noon class. He consistently puts in the work 5 times a week and has a great attitude towards fitness. Michael is a User Experience Designer at Workday. His favorite Crossfit WOD is Murph. His advice to people just starting out is to be kind to yourself, celebrate your own progress, and don’t compare yourself to others. Outside the gym, he enjoys photography, music, and spending time with his wife and daughter. Keep up the awesome work, Michael:) 

Saturday, October 31st: Halloween WOD 9AM 

Join us for a fun 9am class as we celebrate Halloween together. Be sure to dress up in your costumes and bring any friends/family you want. This will most likely be a partner WOD (socially distanced, of course) and will be done mostly outside of the gym in our parking lot. 

New Boulder Crossfit New Swag: 

Don’t forget about our new t-shirts/tanks that arrived last week. The cost is $20/shirt or $35 if you buy 2. Please be sure to mark your name down on the clipboard next to the stereo system. 

Happy Birthday October Members: 

We want to wish a happy birthday to Angela, Moira B, Dylan, and Denise. Don’t forget to come on into a Saturday WOD and make up the workout for the class! 

Welcome New Members to BCF: 

We’ve got several new faces in the gym this month. Be sure to introduce yourself if you don’t recognize someone in your next class. Welcome Krill, Cora, Ligia, Riley, Alexandra, Giovanni, Siva, Rich, and Jonathan. 

That’s it for this month. 

Thanks again for all your continued support of Boulder Crossfit! 


September 2020 Newsletter!

Hi Members, 

Here’s our newsletter this month! Please reach out anytime with comments, questions, or suggestions. 

Monday, September 7th Labor Day Workout 9am:

Please note we will only be holding 1 class this morning. All other classes will be canceled for the day. The workout itself will mostly take place outside in the parking lot so we won’t be capping it. However, class reservations will still be required. All other classes this week will be on as normal. Friends/Family welcome to come workout with us for FREE this day. 

Sept 1-Sept 30th  Gym Wide Air Squat Challenge 30k:

Our next gym wide challenge is set to be 30k total accumulated squats. Any type of squats work. Think Air Squats, Front/Back/Overheard, Goblet, or Pistol Squats. The only rule is that they must be done inside the gym to count. 

Boulder Crossfit Scholarship Program:

Starting September and for 3-6 months after, we will be introducing our first ever Scholarship program! The contest itself will take place over social media but the goal behind it is to provide FREE memberships to underrepresented groups/people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a gym membership. We’re super excited and fortunate to be in a position as a gym to offer these free memberships and we hope you all see the value in it as well. Make sure you like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to read about the details/requirements of this scholarship program. If you know someone who you think would be a great fit for this program and you are not on social media, please let us know. 

Refer a Friend, Co-Worker, Roommate or Family Member to BCF 

Crossfit is always more fun with a buddy. Starting September 1st and for every month until 2021 we will be offering $25 off any of your monthly memberships if you refer someone and they end up joining the gym (and staying). Don’t forget we offer ongoing FREE trial weeks and FREE Saturday classes as well for beginners. 

September Member of the Month goes to…Pedro! 

We’re bringing back our Athlete of the Month. September 2020 goes to Pedro! Pedro has been a member with us for only 6 months. He’s a CU research professor of climate change. Originally from Argentina, his favorite CrossFit movement are thrusters but hates muscle-ups. When he’s not crushing the 6:15pm class, he’s cooking. Ask him about his homemade sourdough bread. Congrats Pedro!

Welcome New Members and Happy Birthday September Members  

Please help us in welcoming a few new members to the gym. If you see an unfamiliar face, be sure to introduce yourself next time in class. Welcome, Sanjhana, Daisy, and Paloma! Also, we would like to wish a HBD to Dasiy, Brian, Ryan H, Serena, and Michael. Don’t forget to come on into a Saturday class and make up the fun WOD for us all. 

Continue registering for Classes in Wodify:

We’ve noticed over the past few months that some of you all have been forgetting to register for the class prior to coming into the gym. Just a friendly reminder that class reservations are REQUIRED for all classes. Out of respect for our coach’s time, if no one is registered for class 10 mins prior to the start time it is auto-canceled so, please make sure you register (not 2 mins before class in the parking lot) prior to coming here. Thank you:) 

See you all in the gym soon! 



August 2020 Newsletter

Hi Members! 

As we roll into the later months of the Summer, we have some exciting stuff in the works for everyone at BCF. Read below for all events. 

Recap of our July 24 Hr Upside Down Challenge:

We may have been a little too aggressive with our goal of 24 hours of being upside down as a gym for the month of July. We did, however, accumulate about 6 hours and 57 mins. Our top 3 times for being upside go to… Dylan in first place with a time of 2 hours 37 mins. Second place goes to Josh with a time of 2 hours and 10 minutes. And third place goes to Denise with a time of 41 mins and 30 secs. 

Saturday, August 8th 9am Track Workout and Brunch: 

Its time to get out of the gym and meet at Centennial Middle School Track for a fun outdoor workout! We will not be holding a class at the gym this morning so please make sure you meet at 9am at the track. We will be testing our 1-mile run and then of course do a fun Crossfit bodyweight WOD right after. If we have a small enough group, and people feel comfortable, we can also go out to brunch in Boulder as well! 

Black Health Matters- T-shirts on Sale Aug 1st-Aug 14th

You can now put in an order for a Black Health Matters t-shirt through BCF. 100% of proceeds will go towards the reopening of Crossfit HCS in Flint, Michigan. Just let us know your size and how many before Aug. 14th. The cost is $25/shirt. As we announced earlier this summer, we are looking into how BCF can best support social and racial justice causes, and our local community. This is just the beginning; more to come! 

Boulder Crossfit New Swag Is Coming:

I know we’ve been in need of some new swag for some time now. We’re getting some designs ready to go for a September order so stay tuned for more updates.

Happy Birthday August BCF Members/Welcome New Members:

We’d like to wish a very happy birthday to our members born in August! HBD to Brittany and Andrea. Please also help us in welcoming several new members to Boulder Crossfit in the month of July. Welcome, Kaytee, Presely, Dianela, and Marissa. Next time you see them in one of your classes be sure to introduce yourself. 

Note On Cleaning:

We now have individual cases with a spray bottle and towel in each. This will help us avoid gathering in front of the gym and waiting to clean all the equipment/gear during class. Please make sure you keep the box in your workout area even if you go outside to workout. Also, be sure to NOT directly spray down the rower and bike screens. This can break the LED screen if liquid gets inside. You can put a small amount on your towel and then wipe from there. 

See you in the gym soon. 


How Can We Make a Difference? Crossfit and Inclusion Locally

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reflecting on the recent events surrounding CrossFit Inc, and what this means for us as a community. I want to reiterate Boulder Crossfit’s core value of bringing people together through fitness and celebrating differences. 

As a Crossfitter for almost a decade, and someone who dreamed of one day owning a gym of my own, Crossfit is a huge part of who I am. Boulder CrossFit is where I’ve made most of my friends, when I moved to Boulder knowing almost no one, and a community that I’m proud to be a part of. I also love dropping by CrossFit gyms when I travel, and being part of a larger global community, no matter where in the world I am. While the community, the members and coaches of Boulder Crossfit have built is a source of pride, I’m deeply troubled not just by the recent events surrounding Crossfit Inc, but by a long-standing track record of CrossFit HQ acting in ways that do not align with our own BCF values. 

Trust me when I say I have not taken these issues lightly. One of the biggest nonnegotiables for me was to have the CEO Greg Glassman not only step down but sell the company outright, which he has since done. I am extremely happy about this decision but I also expect CrossFit HQ to commit and action the following: 

  • Establish a more diverse board of directors that includes diverse staff from all walks of life. Having one person with no oversight is unacceptable.
  • Put words into action. Donate money to organizations that support racial injustice. Do Philanthropy! 
  • Support local affiliates like Boulder Crossfit.

I’ve also been doing reflection on what we (as Boulder CrossFit) can do to be more inclusive moving forward. I honestly believe that real change happens within your own community. Here are the steps we’ll be taking over the coming months: 

1: Run in house competitions that bring us together to raise funds for social justice organizations. Be on the lookout for our first one this year! 

2: Reach out to local nonprofits and collaborate. Our goal is to create a free program for underserved youth, or at a minimum, we’d like to get more programmatic about giving back time as volunteers in Boulder and surrounding counties. 

3: Establish a sliding scale to make CrossFit more accessible and affordable. We haven’t figured out the details here yet, but we recognize that the cost to membership can be prohibitive and would like to offer sliding scales or membership opportunities in exchange for volunteering. 

4. Free (yes really free) Saturday Community workouts. We’ve been offering free Saturday class for a long time now! But we realize that we haven’t necessarily widened the net beyond close family and friends. We want to be more thoughtful about inviting the community to join us. While we do have class size considerations to think about (especially during COVID-19), we’re committed to keeping this going. 

I will be working to turn these ideas into concrete priorities and an action plan in the coming months, but I did want to keep you involved about where we are going with this. Short-term, we plan to focus on what we can impact on a local scale, as we are watching CrossFit HQ’s next steps. BCF will stay committed to making all feel welcome and building inclusion in our own community through fitness.



Boulder Crossfit is NOT Crossfit HQ!

In the past, when it came to race or politics, I thought the safest route was to stay silent. After all, we are a gym and we specialize in fitness, With everything going on in the world though, I realize that as an affiliate owner, I must speak out against racism, especially as it’s so deeply intertwined with health and community, core tenants of our business. Over the last few days, Crossfit HQ has shown a lack of empathy for its global affiliate community. Their initial silence, followed by the CEO’s recent remarks, making a joke of racial injustice, made me ashamed to be connected to this organization. But now is the time for me as an affiliate owner to speak up.

I want everyone to know this…Boulder Crossfit has and always will be about bringing people together through fitness and celebrating differences. What makes our community special is not the “Crossfit” we do, but how we cheer each other on and show up for one another, no matter one’s race, religion, ability, orientation, political stance. We stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement and our community must be one where everyone feels welcome, included, and heard.

We as a gym are looking into ways we as a local business can make an actual impact. To start, I’ve made a $200 donation to the Center for Policing Equity, as well as additional support for the Support Black Owned fund as a small step. The other actions won’t be as easy, but I’m committed to laying out a gameplan so that we ourselves also continue to grow — that could be doing more in our local communities, to doing more to diversify our own gym membership. While this will take some more reflection, it’s important to speak up now, even as we process and decide next steps.

Our gym wholeheartedly condemns Crossfit HQ and Greg Glassman’s comments, and the lack of empathy for George Floyd. Next Saturday, June 13th we will be doing a WOD in honor of not only Geroge Floyd’s life but all the black lives that have been taken in the hands of police brutality. Please join us either at the 9am or 10:15am WOD.


In This Together; Thank You BCF Members

Our very first of many Blog Posts! Here we go…

Well, we made it. Boulder Crossfit is back open for (limited) business after a 2-month hiatus due to COVID-19. While our small class size of 4 people isn’t ideal, it’s better than being closed! As most of you know, I recently bought the gym about a year ago and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life. As a relatively new local business owner, I’ve absolutely loved running this gym. However, when Colorado mandated a closure for us, it was hard not to worry about the future of the business. To be honest, I was scared, worried, confused, and anxious. Would we be able to survive this? How can I provide value to you all when we are closed? After countless sleepless nights, I realized that Boulder Crossfit is more than just a gym. I consider each of you more than just members. Of course, I care about your progress in the gym and you hitting your fitness goals. But I care more about you all as humans. I knew deep down that Boulder Crossfit would not only survive this but THRIVE after the closure. And that is because of each and every one of you.

I want to sincerely thank you all for sticking with us during this closure. Thank you for reaching out to me via email, social media, and phone to check-in. Thank you for all the generous donations. Thank you for having trust in us that we will come back stronger than ever. Thank you for supporting your local business.

Please know that my door is and always will be OPEN to each of you. Whether you want to talk about fitness goals, grab a margarita, or just have someone to talk about life to, I am here. I can’t wait to see how our gym will THRIVE in Boulder for years to come!

Boulder Crossfit Blender Bottle- Thank You Gift!

PS: These blender bottles just arrived! If you kept your membership active throughout the closure, please ask one of the coaches or come grab one in the office at the gym FREE of charge, as a token for your support!