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Hello there! My name is Kat and I would like to share my story with you…

I was always very skeptical of CrossFit because I strongly believed that it wasn’t for average people like you and I. I really thought it was made by athletes for athletes. I live near a CrossFit gym and all I saw were young, fit, and strong athletes who always looked down at me when they ran by with a smirk on their face. It didn’t help my self esteem; I was 160 lb, size 10, depressed, trying to find a way to get back into the shape that I used to be in years ago. Then, I started seeing ads online about a “6 week challenge” that will be done at a local CrossFit gym. I liked the ad because it said that everyone is welcome and I just had to meet the instructor.

So, I decided to go and check things out. As soon as I got there I saw a few athletes that met me with welcoming smiles. They were a diverse group of people. ‘Ok, I like that’, I thought to myself, ‘time to meet Gary’. This was the selling point for me! Gary and I had a great time talking about the challenge and new goals.

After all my hard work, strict diet, and support from the gym members, I lost 10 lb and was 1 size down – in 6 weeks!! I couldn’t stop there; I was feeling more confident, strong, and full of energy. I made many new friends. ‘I can’t leave the gym after seeing how much it has improved my life!’

Here I am, 4 months later, still going almost daily. I lost nearly 30 lbs, I dropped 2 sizes, and I feel like a whole new person. I am so energetic and positive and I’m happy that I get to work out with all my new friends! Gary asked me how the challenge helped me to become a new person. I told him that coming to Boulder CrossFit was the second best decision I’ve ever made. “What was the first?”, he asked. “Moving to the United States 10 years ago!”, was my response.

Hi, I’m Renea and here’s my story:

In January 2016 I did my first biometric test (see 2016 biometric results below). After seeing the results on paper and hearing my diagnosis, I went in search of ways to get healthier. At the time I thought I was eating healthy so I decided to start my journey by reversing my biometric number with exercise.

In the past I tried a 24 hour fitness gym I went 3 times and never went back. I did not know how to use the machines, there was no one there to help with a workout program unless I signed up for a personal trainer which I could not afford. The group classes they offered were intimidating to me because everyone knew what they were doing and no one took the time to show me what I was doing was right or wrong.

Months later I brought a Groupon for kickboxing I actually like this class. It was a small group with no gym equipment and the instructors gave pointers and feedback. I worked up a sweat and was pleasantly sore the next day.

There was still something missing. I still felt I needed more attention from the instructors and I just could not see myself doing the same form of exercise over and over again.

I got interested in CrossFit because my in-laws were doing CrossFit for 2 to 3 years and I saw the change that it did for their bodies and energy level. My in-laws introduced me to Gary and another CrossFit coach where I had the opportunity to interview both coaches on what I was looking for.

Gary invited me to visit the BOX so we could see where my fitness level was and it was quite an eye opener. The highest I could jump was an 8” inch box, I could not squat below parallel or even at parallel, a 15 pound barbell was super heavy to me at the time, I could not do a proper lunge where your knee makes contact with the floor and let’s not forget wall balls, I could not throw an 8 pound ball more than a couple feet overhead. All of this took about 20 minutes and I was sweating more than I ever had using my body to do all the work with zero equipment. After a couple of days I started to notice the muscles in my body that where being used; my arms, legs, calf, shoulder, chest, back, glutes. This made me realize how lacking my physical health was and if 20 minutes of doing 5 different workout routine can work all the muscles in my body then it’s something I should be doing. And so months later I started with the elements class to learn different techniques and movement patterns and eventually graduated to the group classes.

Six months after going into the BOX 3 days per week I started to notice that I was making improvements by getting stronger, being less fatigued, having more energy and overall in my daily life, being more active. I was deadlifting over a hundred pounds, bench pressing 70 pounds, squatting below parallel, clean and jerk over 50 pounds and finally succeeding in getting a double under. But something was still missing from my new lifestyle and that’s when I found out about the Whole 30 program from the coaches at boulder CrossFit.

The Whole 30 program is an elimination plan of removing foods that is commonly problematic that impacts cravings and the immune system. At the end of the 30 days foods are reintroduce to evaluate how you look, feel and the impact on your quality of life. After my Whole 30 experience I removed foods that were problematic to me and started to read labels on the foods that I ate. My eating habits have changed significantly and my waist line is the proof. It’s been over a year since my first Whole 30 experience while still going to the CrossFit BOX 3 times per week. My body weight has stayed the same after months of weight loss due to my new lifestyle and I could not be happier.

January 2017 I did another biometric screening and was pleased to see my hard work and determination had paid off (see 2017 biometric results below). When I started Boulder CrossFit I thought it was just about exercise but it is so much more. The people that come to this box are great human beings; they are supportive, friendly, inclusive and very encouraging. I have learned about nutrition, weight lifting techniques and anatomy just to name a few. I was a person who never did sports in High school or College and now I can run up to 4 miles and not feel like I am dying. When not even a year ago running 4 hundred meters was the worst experience of my life. I have competed in obstacle course racing with members of Boulder CrossFit and every month that goes by I succeed at another mile stone.

Life happens. Work. Marriage. Young Children. Extended Family. A sudden unexpected loss of a loved one. Adulting is overrated!!

It’s easy to lose one’s “self” when life is happening all around you and you are too busy taking care of everybody else…trying to be a good wife, employee, friend, daughter, sister and mom. It’s easy to let all of this weigh heavy on you to the point where you completely lose YOU. But when you are the glue holding everything and everybody together… what happens when the glue eventually disintegrates?

Hi I’m Jen and this is my story.

I started my personal journey in 2014. At the time, things in my life were well…challenging to say the least. I was depressed, overwhelmed and stressed out all of the time and in general an unpleasant and unhappy person. I was not taking care of myself physically or emotionally. I never really considered myself overweight, but as life is happening all around you, I guess maybe you don’t notice the extra pounds creeping on…in my case that was about 40 lbs over many years.

I knew that I needed a change, and to take control of my life and start caring for myself. I started Weight Watchers in June 2014 and I really do credit this with helping me to get a better understanding of the relationship with food, portion control and the importance of planning! I lost 20 pounds in the first three months on WW, simply by paying closer attention to what I was eating and tracking. But the real “change” for me happened when my best friend signed me up for a two month fitness challenge at Boulder CrossFit.

I was an athlete growing up, but in my adult life, I had not stayed as active as I should have and I had never belonged to a gym. So needless to say, I was a little intimidated by the idea of CrossFit…ok, that’s an understatement…I was TERRIFIED! But, my best friend signed me up, and I should mention also paid for it, so I didn’t really have any excuses and felt a responsibility to my friend to drag my lazy butt out of bed three times a week for a 6:00AM class (did I mention I’m not a morning person!). And, the challenge was only for two months, so I was able to get my head around this because in two months I would be done and could go back to sleeping in and being lazy…I mean after all, I’d already lost 20lbs, so did I really need to be exercising?

I started the program in August 2014 with 12 amazing women and two incredible coaches. I was by far the least fit and heaviest person in the challenge, so saying I was a bit intimidated would be a significant understatement. Having my best friend as my buddy helped keep me accountable. My competitive nature is what pushed me to keep going when everything in me told me to stop, because well, I don’t like losing! It was HARD and I was so incredibly sore that dragging myself back into the gym took everything I had in me some days. But I did it. I did it mostly because I didn’t want my friend, my classmates and my coaches to give me grief. I hadn’t yet figured out that this whole thing was for ME!

The two month challenge came and went. I learned so much about everything CrossFit from box jumps to pull ups to rope climbs and kettlebell swings to barbell work. I made new friends and well…I was having a lot of fun! It was incredibly empowering and my self confidence was growing. I lost another 15 pounds and for the first time since high school sports saw muscle coming out from deep, deep within. When the challenge finished I was so proud that I’d actually completed it. I hadn’t even thought about what was next. It was always about the two month challenge…it’s just two months, I can do this for JUST TWO MONTHS! But I quickly realized that I was really going to miss my friends, my coaches, the community of the gym and the way I felt when doing CrossFit. So I signed up for a full time membership and have never looked back.

CrossFit saved my life. I truly believe that. The physical benefits you get from CrossFit are evident, but for me, the mental part of CrossFit has had even more of an impact. It balances me, helps manage stress, anxiety, and keeps me grounded, humbled and confident. It allows me to function…to continue all of this “adulting” that never ever ends. CrossFit has become my therapy and it is the BEST therapy one can ask for. If you would have asked me 4 years ago if I could see myself doing CrossFit Competitions and coaching CrossFit today, I would have thought you were possibly the most hilarious person on earth. But look at me now. I couldn’t be prouder and after a lot of hard work, I have finally taken my “self” back.

Jen Boyd
CrossFit | Aug 2014 – Present

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