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July 2022 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

We’re super excited for a fun upcoming summer with you all. Please take a few minutes to read our news and events for the month. 

Monday, July 4th: Independence Day WOD 9am

Please note we will have our regular Saturday, 9am class on July 2nd, be CLOSED on Sunday, July 3rd, and open for only a 9am class on July 4th. Friends and Family are welcome FREE of charge. Please see below for workout details. If no one has plans for the 4th of July, Hanna Schiess, has generously offered to host a BBQ at her house after. Please join our Facebook page for more details. Reach out to Hanna directly if you plan on attending.

HeroWOD: “Hotshots 19”

6 Rounds For Time: 

30 Air Squats 

19 Power Cleans 135/95

7 Strict Pullups 

400m run 

*Goal is sub 40 mins. Dedicated to the 19 firefighters who lost their lives on June 20th, 2013 fighting a fire in Arizona. 

July 11th-July 19th: Retest Benchmark “Girl” WODS

Each quarter we test out the following benchmark “Girl WODS” from CrossFit HQ. This quarter we have decided to spread it across 2 weeks as we know doing 5 in a row can be super challenging. See below for a breakdown of the schedule. Monday, July 11th-“Fran”, Wednesday, July 13th- “Grettal”, Friday, July 15th “Nancy”, Monday, July 19th, “Cindy”, and Wednesday, July 21st “Kelley”. 

Saturday, July 9th, 9am-10:30am: “Baby on Bored WOD” 

Jules and I are expecting our first little one in a few months so we will be doing a fun workout around the baby. Please come with an open attitude as there may be some waiting around as we fully expect everyone to workout pregnant (hint, hint). 

Saturday, July 16th: Annual Red Rocks Workout AND Optional Brunch After

We are excited to run our annual Red Rocks Workout! Let’s meet in the parking lot at Red Rocks at 9am for a fun outdoor team workout. If anyone needs a ride please let us know and we can coordinate a few cars to leave from the gym. After the workout, we can all plan to go out to Brunch in Boulder depending on the size of our group. Please note, that there will be no regular class at the gym this Saturday. Friends/Family welcome FREE of charge:) 

July 2022 Athlete of the Month: 

Congrats, Hanna! 

Other Miscellanous Annoucements: 

We will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary as a gym this Fall. Please save the date for Saturday, September 10th, 10-11:30am with food, drinks, and prizes to follow. More details to come!

Calling all BCF Ladies. It’s that time of year to start thinking about the annual “Girls Gone RX” competition on Sept 17th. This is a super fun 3 person all ladies team. Find out more info here. We will post up a signup sheet at the gym soon but start getting your teammates together. 

We had about a dozen of us in the gym who just finished up our 30-day nutrition challenge. Congrats to everyone who participated and went 100% for the full 30 days. We will give special shoutouts on our social media pages soon but our overall winner was Linda! We will definably be running another one after the holidays. A special thanks goes out to our in-house nutritionist, Ani who helped make the past 30 days tolerable. Just a reminder, if you ever need a quick 20-30 minute check-in on your nutrition, reach out to me today for a free consult. 

Each new quarter of the year, we keep track of the total attended classes for each of you in Wodfiy. This quarter the overall winner is Linda with a total accumulated class of.. Special shoutout to the runner-up with    . Linda, please see me get your prize. Keep showing up to classes everyone! 

Yoga with Monique is set for Saturday, July 2nd at 10:15am. Please register on Wodify. Free for members ($10 drop-in fee for others). 

Happy Birthday July Members: Austin, Sean, Nicholas, Slava, Bri, and Chris W.Welcome New Members to BCF: Will, Ryan, Taylor, Nicholas, and Cornelio. 

That’s it for this month. You all rock! 

-Zach T. 


June 2022: Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Summer is now in full swing. We’re super excited to get outside of the gym this month for some fun social events. Please take a few minutes to check out our exciting news! 

Recap 2022 Murph Workout: 

What a fantastic turnout we had this past weekend for our annual Murph workout! You all crushed it. Congrats to the members who finished their very first Murph workout. Hopefully, it turns into an annual event for you all. Just a quick reminder, if you participated in our Crawfish Boil/signed up on the whiteboard, your account will be charged $25 through Wodify (plus any add-ons). Thanks again for an awesome day of fitness, food, and drinks. FYI, if you didn’t input your score into Wodify, you can do so by following these steps. 

From the app, click “profile” then under “search” type in “Murph”. From there you can add in your time. 

Saturday, June 18th, 9am: 1-mile run at Centennial Middle School and Rayback Get-Together 

Join us for our 4th annual 1-mile run test! Long-time member and former iron-man athlete, Michael Kellman, will run us through the 1-mile test together as a class. After the 1 mile run, we will run through a short team workout at the tracks. Please note that this is in replace of our class and open gym that weekend so don’t show up there.  We will continue the fun later that afternoon at Rayback Collective in Boulder at 12:30pm. They do not take reservations for large groups. It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis so if you plan on coming please let us know that morning so we can go when they open at 12pm to get a spot/area for us all. Dogs are welcome. 

Sunday, June 19th 10am: Annual Junteenth WOD

Our gym normally does special workouts on holidays like Memorial Day and just like last year, we’re doing one for this date in history. June 19th, 1865 also known as our country’s “second independence day”. All are welcome free of charge. So please bring your friends to this special workout. This workout is in replace of the open gym that morning. 

​​​​​​​Saturday, June 4th 10:15am: Yoga with Monique 

It’s the first Saturday of the Month. That means FREE yoga with Monique. If you have a current membership at BCF, this class is free of charge. If not, it’s a $10 drop-in fee. Please be sure to register on Wodify and note that the open gym will be canceled this morning. 

June 2022: Athlete of the Month

Congrats, Garrett! He’s been a member for almost a year now and is a regular 6amer. Garrett shows up almost every single day and never complains about any of the workouts. He joined BCF to work on his Olympic lifts and to find a friendly competitive community. Outside of the gym, Garrett is an Army Engineer Officer who is attending CU to get his masters in renewable and sustainable energy. His favorite movement is the clean (no surprises there with a gym record of 265lbs and counting), and his least favorite movement is the overhead squat. Garrett enjoys hiking, reading, disc golf, ultimate frisbee, and traveling. Next time you see him in class, give him a big high five. 

Please help me in welcoming the following new and some returning members to our gym. Welcome, Kyle, Spencer, Kara, Jackie, Clara, Shea, Cody and Caroline P. 

Let’s also wish a very happy birthday to our following June members. HBD to George, Randy, Jeff, Sham, Mackenzie, Abby, Caleb, Althea, Max, Fernando, Jami, and Zach.  

That’s it for this month. Thanks again for all your continued support! 

-Zach T. 


May 2022: Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

We’re super excited to be able to host some more social events outside of the gym in the coming months. Be on the lookout for more details on outings later this summer. As for this month, take a few minutes to read all the fun announcements. 

Welcome, Monique to the Boulder CrossFit Coaching Staff: 

Most of you already know her as she’s been a regular 12pmer at our gym for over a year now. She’s also been our in-house yoga instructor. She’s a certified personal trainer as well as CrossFit L-1 certified. Monique has trained extensively with our team over the past few months and is finally ready to join our staff. She will be filling in for classes sporadically throughout the week but mostly coaching our morning and 12pm classes. Read her full bio HERE. 

Please also note, that we have decided to get rid of our 8:45am Saturday class for the summer due to lack of attendance. Our intention behind our Saturday classes has always been to bring together everyone for one long, cardio, partner workout. Starting May 7th we will only be offering one 9am class on Saturdays but will be adding in Open Gym from 10-11am for those who can’t make the class but still want to get a workout in. We will re-visit offering 2 classes come Fall/Winter. 

Spring Whole 30 Nutrition Challenge: Sunday, May 15th, 11am 

Join us for our first annual Spring nutrition challenge! Be sure to sign up on the whiteboard no later than May 13th. The cost is $25/per person. We will be bringing in our in-house nutritionist, Ani Mueller, to give a talk about the Whole 30. We will also be taking our weight (privately) as well as going over the rules of the challenge. This is a perfect way to jumpstart your nutrition leading into the Summer. The best part is the overall winner of the challenge will get 1 FREE month membership ($195 value) to the gym! Have doubts? Just sign up, and we will answer any questions/concerns the day of. The official challenge will start on Monday, May 23rd. 

Memorial Day Murph and Gym Crabfish Feed: Saturday, May 28th: 2 Heats 8:45am and 10am 

For those who don’t know what this event is all about, please see above for the actual workout itself. And for those who don’t know the WHY behind the workout, check it out HERE. This is an annual event that Boulder CrossFit has done every year since our opening in 2012. For the second year in a row, BCF will become an “official host” for the Murph Challenge which means we are donating $250 to the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. The event is completely FREE for all BCF members, families, and friends. If you do wish to donate, the organization is only asking for a $30 registration fee which will get you a t-shirt and give you the ability to see where you rank against others in this workout. This is NOT required to do the workout, though. 

We will be running 2 heats this day. If the heat goes over, not to worry as there is NO time cap to this workout. This means that heats may overlap so be prepared and flexible. Each one will be capped at 30 total people. Be sure to register early through Wodify the week before (registration will open up on Monday, May 23rd). After the workout, join us for our annual crabfish feed. Friends and family are welcome to come to participate, or just watch and cheer you on! 

If anyone is interested in our annual Crawfish Feed after the workout, we will post up a sign-up at the gym for you to put your name down on it. Depending on how many people we get, it should be about $15-$25/person for fresh Crawfish and all the fixings. Please BYOB and extra snacks for yourself. You can ask Dryden for more details on this. Sign up by May 13th. 

Note: Sunday, May 29th and Monday, May 31st: Gym CLOSED (no open gym or classes)

Informal Running/Endurance Group: Sunday, May 1st 9:30am 

With Murph coming up and the weather getting better, we’ve decided to hold an informal running group every Sunday this summer. Coaches, Katy and Monique will help to run these but they will NOT be a coach lead class. It’s a time to get together and enjoy being outside. All are welcome (don’t need to be members of BCF) and our first meet-up will be this Sunday in the parking lot at the gym! 

Boulder CrossFit at Bolder Boulder: Monday, May 31st 

After a 2 year break, it’s finally back! Let’s enjoy this race/holiday and get a group together from the gym to partake in this event. Be sure to read all about it here including how to register. Our goal as a gym is to have FUN with this (not be super competitive). We should all try to finish the race together and if anyone wants to go out for lunch or BBQ after that’s an option as well. 

May 2022 Athlete of the Month: Sue 

While Sue has only been a member with us for 2 months now, her attitude and hard work ethic are top-notch. Her goal is to show up and do her best every day, recognizing that her best may vary day to day, skill to skill.  She joined BCF for an improved life through fitness, and the welcoming, excellent atmosphere. Sue is a retired nurse and enjoys spending time and traveling with her husband, Stu.  Her favorite movement is the clean and jerk and her least favorite is the strict press. Congrats, Sue. Keep up the great work in here! 

Welcome the following new members to BCF. Matthew, Jami Fabio, and Aline.

Happy Birthday to our May members. Sarah, Azteca, Anya, Tim, Marcus, Phil, David, Marisa, Justin, Gio, Emmett, and Jen. 

As always, thanks for all your continued support of BCF. 

-Zach T. 


April 2022: Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Spring has officially arrived. With the weather getting better, we’re super excited for all the fun upcoming events in the near future. Please take some time to read our news for the month. 

CrossFit Open 2022: Recap/Winners 

And just like that, our 2022 Open is done. It was a fantastic 3 weeks of friendly competition between all 3 teams. Congrats to everyone for showing up, giving it their all, and having fun. We also wanted to thank everyone for their $20 registration fee. We were able to raise several hundred dollars for one of our favorite non-profit charities. The rest of the money will be used to make our custom BCF t-shirts for the winning team. See below for detailed results from the competition. A special thanks to our team captains and Michal K. for creating a spreadsheet with all the numbers. Congrats to team GREEN for pulling off the win by a very slim margin of 23 points. 

Also, be sure to check out our April Blog post. Open 2022 Review: A Celebration of Fitness 

Welcome Clay to the BCF Coaching Staff:

Clay needs no introduction. He’s been a regular 5pmer for the past 6 months at our gym and has been involved in the CrossFit community for over 10 years. Clay brings tons of experience to our staff as he currently holds his CrossFit L-2 certification and has coached over 1000 hours during his 10 plus years in the industry. Clay will be coaching a few night classes a week. Be sure to check out his full bio here. Welcome to the team, Clay! 

Farwell WOD for Coach Ben: Saturday, April 30th 9am only

Bittersweet news for us all but Ben is moving to California for work in May so this is his last month coaching for our gym. Our plan is to do a farewell workout for him that Saturday. Please note we will only be holding one 9am class that morning. We can’t thank Ben enough for being such an integral part of BCF over the years as a member and a coach. Let’s wish him best of luck in his future endeavors! 

April 4th-April 8th: Retest Benchmark Workouts 

Back in January, we introduced new quarterly benchmark workouts. It’s that time to retest those exact same ones. All of our classes this week will be re-testing. These WODS are classic workouts programmed by CrossFit HQ. Be sure to check your score in your Wodify account from back in January to see how much you improved. The workouts in which we will test will be the following: Fran, Grettel, Nancy, Cindy, and Kelly. Dont forget we will continue retesting these WODS every new quarter in 2022. 

New Strength Cycle: April 18th-May 16th  

Just like last year, we will be running a new strength cycle. This 5 week Spring cycle will be another version of the Wyndler Cycle. Mondays for Back Squat, Wednesdays for Deadlift, and Fridays for Strict Press. This means the week before, April 11th, we will be re-testing all 3 of these main lifts to find an accurate 1 rep max. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this cycle, don’t worry and just show up. All the coaches will explain it before each class. We will, of course, continue doing all the workouts of the day during the strength cycle as well

Saturday, April 16th: Local CrossFit Competiton

For those of you who are looking to do your first official CrossFit comp outside of the gym, this is a perfect opportunity. All proceeds from the event will go towards the families affected by the Marshal fires this past December. We already have 2 teams signed up. Let’s try to get at least 2-3 more. If you’re interested but don’t have a partner, let us know asap, and we will find you one. Check out this direct link for more info. 

1st Quarter of 2022 Attendance Winner: Gloria

Back in January, we announced a new quarterly attendance challenge. The member who attended the most classes (verified in Wodify) from Jan 1st-March 31st would win a surprise award! The winner is Gloria with a total accumulated class of 78 over the last 3 months. Honorable mention to Linda with 74 and Casey M. with 71. Come see Zach and collect your prize:) We will continue doing this for the new spring quarter as the slate is back to zero for everyone. Keep coming to class! 

April 2022: Athlete of the Month: 

Congrats, Doris! Doris has been a regular 5pmer for the past year (joined BCF in Feb 2021). 

Why did you join BCF?

I was looking for an environment that fostered both *play & practice* (not just the latter). Any gym can muster up fancy equipment and devise a decent program, but it’s pretty rare to establish and sustain a diverse, fun-loving, no-ego community. Getting to the gym is not a problem for me, but finding a community where you can work out and have non-stop laughter is so rare. Coming to BCF every day is truly a highlight. 

What’s your day job? 

I’m a senior UX manager at Google for over 8 years — leading a distributed design, research and writing team. 

What’s your favorite lift and your least favorite?

I’m cheating and claiming clusters as my favorite. I generally love all the compound lifts. I don’t hate snatches but I have the most room for growth there (generally focused on lighter weights and improving overhead mobility). 

What do you do outside the gym for fun? 

I’m an avid backpacker – if you’re looking for a buddy for hiking, trekking, camping – I’m your girl!

New Members and Happy Birthday April Members: 

Happy birthday to our April members:Kelsey, Gaurav, Chrissy, and Vinay. Please also welcome several new members to the gym. Welcome Brian, Ryan, Kat, Claire, Dimitry, Brenna, Jay and Sue. Next time you see them in class be sure to introduce yourself. 

Yoga with Monique: Saturday, April 2nd 11:15am 

We will continue with our FREE yoga classes on the first Saturday of each month for all current members. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to cut out the second one of the month due to lack of attendance. Please continue to register in Wodify. 

Thanks, everyone for your continued support of Boulder CrossFit! 

Zach T. 


March 2022: Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

We’re already 2 months into 2022. Let’s keep this momentum going. Check out all our exciting news for the month. 

Yoga and Mobility classes with Monique: Saturday, March 5th AND Saturday, March 19th 11:15am-12:15pm 

For the past 6 months or so we’ve been offering FREE yoga classes on the first Saturday of every month to all BCF members. And we plan to continue doing this. Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to offer 1 more mobility class on the 3rd Saturday of each month. For this class only, we ask that members pay a $10 donation fee (or more if you’re willing) so we can compensate Monique for her time. We’re going to try this out for a few months and if we have the interest we may even start doing weekly yoga sessions for a small additional charge. Please make sure you sign up for these classes in Wodify. And just to be clear, you all still get 1 free yoga class per month but if you want to attend the mobility one it will cost $10/person. 

Friday, March 11th: CrossFit Open Ends/Celebration 6:15pm Sanitas Brewery 

Right after our last class of the Open, join us as we head over to Sanitas Brewery for food/drinks to celebrate our hard 3 weeks of work. Don’t forget that ALL are welcome to come to hang out, judge, or just watch our Friday night classes get after it. The more the merrier and it’s a lot more fun with tons of energy and people cheering each other on. Friends and family are welcome to come to watch as well. 

Friday, March 18th: Boulder CrossFit Open 2022 Winners Announced

We still have 2 more workouts to do for the Open but it’s been a blast so far. It’s been so exciting to cheer each other on while bringing that team spirit (go team Green)! Don’t forget to submit your scores to your team captains by the following Monday at 5pm. If you can’t make the Friday workouts, please coordinate with your team captain or a coach on a make-up day/time.

Saturdays 11:15am-12:15pm (except March 5th due to yoga) Sundays 9:30am-11am Mondays 10am-11:30am 

We will announce the winners of the BCF 2022 CrossFit Open after our 12 pm class that Friday. 

March 31st: Quarterly Attendance Challenge

Back in January, we announced a new quarterly attendance challenge at the gym. The person who has attended the most classes (open gym not included), and has checked into Wodify, would be the winner and get a special surprise award. The race is close so far but we still have another month to rack up as many classes as possible. Keep coming to class! 

March 2022: Athlete of the Month…Sham 

Congrats, Sham! Sham has been with us for about 5 months now and is crushing it. He never complains about ANY workout and is a regular at our 5pm class. His favorite lifts are the deadlifts and back squats. Outside of the gym, Sham is a software engineer. His hobbies include photography, traveling, hiking and recently learning how to ski. Next time you see him in one of your classes, give him a big high five for all his hard work in here! 

Welcome new members: Rafi, Tyson, and Ivon to the gym. Happy Birthday to our March members: Peter, Danielle, Nicole R, Tyson, Casey M, Sophie, Jordan, Juliet, and Alexis. Don’t forget to contact a coach if you want to program a Saturday workout just for you:) 

That’s it for now. As always, thank you for your continued support of Boulder CrossFit. 

-Zach T. 


February 2022 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Please take a few minutes to read through all of our exciting news for the month! 

CrossFit Open: Starts Friday, February 25th

Most of the things we do this month will be gearing us up for our fun, in-house, 3-week competition. If you didn’t get a chance to read all the exciting details about this event, please check out our Blogpost here. The most important thing to note is that the last day to register will be Friday, Feb 18th so we can pick our teams and team captains. Register in the gym by putting your name on the whiteboard. If you have never done the CrossFit Open or have only been doing CrossFit for a few months or weeks then be sure to not skip any Friday workouts between now and then. We will continue to re-test past Open workouts so you can get a taste of what the competition will look/feel like. We will send out one more notice a week before with everyone’s teams/team captains and more detailed info on the logistics. 

Saturday, Feb 12: Muscle Up Clinic 11:15am-1pm 

Do you know what movement is almost guaranteed to be in the CrossFit Open? That’s right, you guessed it, muscle-ups! Gymnastics guru and M.U. pro, Collin Hilden will be leading this hands-on clinic which will go over in-depth both the bar and ring muscle-ups. Whether you’re a M.U. pro and can knock out 10 plus or someone looking to get their very first M.U, this clinic is for you. Although this clinic is meant for ALL levels, it’s recommended that you have at least 5 pullups before attending. It will be strictly capped at 12 total members so the instructor can provide enough one-on-one attention. The cost is $35/person which will all go towards paying the instructor. Register HERE. 

Monday, Feb 14th: Valentines Day WOD FREE classes all-day 

CrossFit is always more fun with a friend, partner, or co-worker. Join us as we celebrate this day by doing a fun, beginner-friendly partner workout. Feel free to bring anyone you want free of charge to any of our classes. The workout is meant for all levels of fitness so this would be a great opportunity to bring someone you know into class who otherwise might be a little intimidated by CrossFit. Just be sure to let Zach know before coming in. 

February 2022: Athlete of the Month…Austin Bargmann 

Congrats, Austin! Austin started back in April of 2020 because he wanted to challenge himself. He’s a regular early morning 6amer and normally attends all of our Saturday classes as well. His favorite lifts are the snatches and clean. They’re more difficult lifts for him, but because of that, he finds them to be more rewarding. His least favorite lift is the front squat. Austin is an organic chemistry PhD student at CU Boulder studying antibiotic resistance. Outside of the gym, Austin enjoys fly-fishing and backpacking. Next time you see him in the gym, give him a big fist bump. Keep up the hard work! 

Welcome New Members to BCF:

Please welcome several new faces to the gym this month. If you don’t know them, be sure to introduce yourself in your next class. Welcome in Danielle, Zach, Chris W, Adam, Mackenzie, Jordan, and Ana. 

Happy Birthday Feb. Members:

HBD to Greta, Nick, Thatcher, Katy, Carrie, Aaron, Brad H, Brad S, Michael T, Mark, and Sanhjana. Don’t forget that Saturdays are meant for you to come in and program your favrotie workout. Be sure to reach out to Zach to coodrinate. 

Other Misc. Announcements:  

Yoga with Monique is back this Saturday, Feb 5th at 11:15 am. FREE for all BCF members. $10/drop-in fee for anyone else. Sign up in Wodiy today to reserve your spot. 

Hoodies have finally arrived. If you ordered one please mark your name down on the clipboard and only pick up what you ordered. If you did not pre-order anything please wait on grabbing a hoodie. After all pre-orders have been given, we will have leftover merch if you’d like to buy them.

Our Tuesday/Thursday 9am class will be taken off the weekly schedule for the time being. We introduced it over 3 months ago as a trial but due to lack of attendance, we couldn’t justify keeping it on there. We may add it back in this Summer but for now it will be taken off. 

We are open for all regular classes on Monday, Feb 21st Presidents Day. 

That’s it for this month. As always, thanks for your continued support of BCF. 

-Zach T. 


Boulder CrossFit: January 2022 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

We made it! Say goodbye to 2021 and let’s welcome 2022 with open arms. We are super happy with how far our gym grew last year but even more excited to see what this year has in store for us all. Here’s to a new year of PR’s making new friends, and growing inside and out of the gym. If you need a little extra motivation top to kickstart your journey back into the gym, be sure to reach out to Zach today to book a free 30 min consult. Also, check out our new Blog post entitled: “New Years Resolution 2022: Yeh or Nah?”

New Benchmark WODS: January 10th-January 14th

What better way to start back at the gym after a long holiday break than to hit some hard benchmark CrossFit workouts? All of our classes this week will be testing these new workouts. These WODS are classic workouts programmed by CrossFit HQ. We will then retest the exact same 5 WODS at the start of each new quarter. Be sure to input your score into Wodify so you can track your progress in 2022! These will be the “girl workouts” in which we will text. Fran, Grettel, Nancy, Cindy, and Kelly. 

Re-test past CrossFit Open WODS: Friday, January 28th

It’s time to start thinking about the CrossFit Open 2022. Last year was a huge success, which means this year we will be going extra big! Starting Jan. 28th we will be re-testing past CrossFit Open WODS, so you can get a taste of what the real thing will be like, which starts February 24th. Every single Friday leading up to the Open for 4 total weeks we will start re-testing. More info about the Open registration details will be sent in our Feb. newsletter. 

Quarterly Attendance Contest: January 1st-March 31st

Each new quarter of 2022, we will run the same attendance challenge/contest. For 3 months at a time, the member with the MOST attended classes that quarter will get some amazing free prizes valued at over $100. A few rules on this. Open gym does NOT count towards your total attendance. Only verified classes in Wodify will count so be sure to use the app on IOS or Android, if you aren’t always doing so. 

January 2022 Athlete of the Month: Monique

There is no one more fitting to start our first athlete of the month in 2022 than Monique. She impulsively signed up for Boulder CrossFit after seeing us on social media. It took her about two weeks to build up the courage to go to her first class but after meeting the amazing community and getting a kick-ass workout, she was hooked. She has now been a member for over a year. One of her biggest accomplishments was linking her toes to bar and her double unders. She’s also proud for entering her first CrossFit competition, “girls gone RX”. Her favorite lifts are squat, power, and hang cleans and my least favorite lift is strict press. Outside of the gym, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, climbing, swimming, and biking, yoga, sewing, knitting, and crochet!  Monique is a certified personal trainer and will be booking 1-1 clients at BCF in 2022 so reach out to her if you need extra personal attention. 

Monday, January 3rd: BCF Vaccine Verified Facility 

Boulder CrossFit has been approved by the city and county of Boulder to be a vaccine verified facility. This means that if you are fully vaccinated and have shown proof to Zach, then you do NOT need to wear a mask inside the gym (although still encouraged). If you have not yet shown your proof of vaccination you can do so by texting your card to Zach at 415.299.0202. As always your vaccination status will not be shared with anyone. If you feel more comfortable with a mask on, you are more than welcome to continue wearing it. As an extra precaution, all the coaches will continue to wear maks while coaching any classes.  Please note that if you are not fully vaccinated we ask that you continue to wear your mask while you are inside the gym. If you have any concerns or specific questions, please reach out to Zach privately. While this is exciting news, let’s all continue doing our part and be mindful of people’s personal space especially during these Winter months. 

Other Misc. Announcements:

There will be no open gym hours for the month of January during the week (we want you all in our classes). We will, however, continue to hold open gym every Sunday at 9:30am. The weekly open gym hours will return to normal days/times come February. 

Our Yoga with Monique will also be canceled this month as she will be out on her honeymoon. We will continue with the free yoga on Saturday, Feb 5th.

Welcome the following new members to the gym: Katie, Ryan, Peter, Greta, Matt, and Christy. Happy Birthday to our Jan members: Gene, Elliott, Casey, Gloria, Max, Ian, Danielle, Hanna, Annie, and Chris B. 

Show your support for our gym by writing a google review HERE.  

Thank you everyone! 

-Zach T. 


December 2021: Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it? Only 1 month left in 2021. It’s been an absolutely tremendous year of growth for us all! Boulder CrossFit has never been busier in terms of memberships as well as our coaching staff. To say we bounced back from COVID in 2020 is an understatement. Our gym is thriving and that’s because of each and everyone one of you. We have some exciting things planned this month to wrap up the year. Please be sure to read and let us know of any questions.  

Recap of 2021 at Boulder CrossFit: 

In 2021 one of our main goals as a gym was to give back to our community. And we did just that. As a gym/community, we raised over 5k for local non-profits. See examples of all the organizations below. Each one had a message that BCF supported and wanted to back. We couldn’t be happier with all the generous donations. In 2022, we plan to double down on the non-profit donations so stay posted for more details.

$4,252 raised for the Colorado Healing Fund 

$255 raised for The Murph Challenge

$680 raised for Colorado Youth Outdoors 

$450 raised for Steves Club 

As our membership base went up, we reinvested tons of money back into the gym to make your membership experience the best in town. We put in over 8k into the gym which included a new rig installation, new bumper plates, misc. storage racks, and a newly remodeled bathroom. Thank you to everyone who helped with this. 

New Boulder CrossFit Swag: Order by Friday, Dec 3rd 

We’re finally getting some new swag ordered. We will have fully restocked shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts in the next 2-4 weeks. If you would like a sweatshirt or hoodie, please pre-order them HERE by Friday, Dec 3rd. No need to order shirts as we will have plenty in stock.

Boulder CrossFit White Elephant Christmas Party: Saturday, Dec 18th, 7pm

Thats’ right. After a break last year due to COVID, we’re back. This event is to cap out a year of fun/fitness with friends and family. All food will be catered to and provided by the gym. So please do not feel like you need to contribute. We just ask that you bring two things. Drinks of your choice (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and a wrapped Christmas gift for the white elephant exchange. Let’s set the max limit to be $20 on a gift. Family is also welcome. Please sign up at the gym whiteboard so we know how much food to order.

Welcome, Alexis to the BCF Coaching Staff: 

Meet Alexis. She was born and raised in Longmont, Colorado. Alexis is bilingual, loves coffee, wine, dogs, and maple donuts. She grew up being naturally competitive. She was a competitive cheerleader most of her life. She found CrossFit about 4 years ago and has competed off and on for 3 years. When she started CrossFit she didn’t think it would be such a big part of her life. She joined CrossFit to stay active and ended up loving the competitive side and group fitness. She currently has her CF-L1 and is continuing her education with CrossFit and personal training. 

She works in dentistry but her passion is at Boulder CrossFit. She found our community in April of 2021! Her goal is to help others achieve their goals, and celebrate their wins! Whether you’re new to CrossFit and working on the fundamentals or experienced and need help working on skilled movements, she is ready to help you get there. Alexis will be shadowing classes over the next few weeks in the gym so please help us welcome her as a coach. 

December Athlete of the Month: 

Congrats, Sophie! While Sophie has only been with us for 2 months now, she literally has not missed a class since joining. Sophie is a regular at the 7:15am crew and initially joined BCF to meet new people as she just moved here from the Bay Area in CA. Her day job is a User Experience Researcher at YouTube. She transferred to the Boulder Google office from San Francisco to be closer to family. Her favorite lift is the back squat and her least favorite is the snatch. Outside of the gym and work she enjoys hiking, golfing, running, reading, and watching Michigan football and basketball. Next time you see her in class, give her a big congrats! 

December Holiday Schedule:

Please note our modified schedule for this month. 

Dec. 20-23rd normal classes Dec 24th, 8:45am and 10am only. Dec 27th-Dec 30th normal classes. Dec 31st, 8:45am and 10am only. Jan 1st and Jan 2nd CLOSED  

Other Quick Notes:

Yoga with Monique is this Saturday, Dec 4th 11:15am. This class is FREE for all current BCF members. $10 drop-in for others. Be sure to secure your spot today in Wodify.

Continue to show up at our new Mon/Wed and Fri 3:45pm classes as well as our Tues/Thurs classes. Back in October, we introduced these new classes on a 3-month trial period. We’ve had a great turnout for our Mon, Wed, and Fri classes so these will stay on the schedule in 2022. However, if we don’t consistently get our Tues/Thur 9am class attendance up to an average of 7, we may have to cut this from the schedule come January. So please, tell your friends and family and show up. 

We applied for the Vaccine Verified Facility and are waiting for a response from Boulder County. This process can take another 2-4 weeks so please be patient and once we hear back you all will be the first to know. 

Thank you for everyone’s continued support of Boulder CrossFit. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us! 

-Zach T