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November 2021 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Fall is now in full swing and we’re super excited to finish off the last 2 months of 2021 with a bang! Please take a few minutes to check our news for this month. 

Saturday, November 6th: Fundraiser Workout “Lift, Move, Work” 8:45am and 10am 

With the holidays fast approaching, we wanted to run one last fundraiser for 2021. This is a special workout designed by CrossFit HQ. Details of the workout can be found here. You do need to sign up through Wodify to reserve your spot through us. If you sign up, you are agreeing to donate as well. If you would like to come to this workout, we ask for a minimum donation of $10/person. 100% of proceeds will go towards this amazing local non-profit in Fort Collins called the Colorado Youth Outdoors. Their mission is to bring kids and parents closer through outdoor recreation. Read more about them here. Friends and family are welcome as long as they donate. Registration is live as of today and spots will be limited! 

Saturday, November 13th, 10am: Baby on Board Workout 

Krys is expecting her first baby in a few months so we wanted to do a special workout with and for her. We will have our normal 8:45am class and then all are invited for our 10am special baby workout. This workout will be programmed around Krys and the baby so please come with an open attitude! 

Saturday, November 20th, 7pm: Friendsgiving Gym Potluck 

Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, it’s never a bad time to get together with friends over food and drinks. Plan to bring your favorite dish, dessert, or drink to share with everyone at the gym. We will have board and floor games to play as well. Friends and family are all welcome to come to hang out. Looking forward to seeing you all and enjoying everyone’s company! 

Thanksgiving Week Class Schedule: 

Monday and Tuesday, Nov 22nd/23rd normal classes. 

Wednesday, Nov 24th last class at 5pm (no 6:15pm). 

Thursday, Nov 25th CLOSED Thanksgiving Day.

Friday, Nov 26th, 8:45am and 10am classes only.

Saturday, Nov 27th normal classes. 

Welcome back coach Aaron: 

Aaron was a coach with us pre-covid and took a break to focus on school/work, but not he’s back! He will be taking Krys’s Thursday night time slots as well as filling in some other classes when needed. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome him back. He brings years of experience as a member and coach with BCF. Aaron is pumped to be back in our community so be sure to introduce yourself if you ever take his class! His full coaching bio can be found HERE

November Athlete of the Month: Giovanni

Gio has been a member of us for over a year now. He joined BCF because he was looking for a sense of community when he moved to Boulder in Dec. of 2020. Originally from Puerto Rico, Gio is a Ph.D. student at CU and is a Physical Oceanographer. His favorite lift is the squat cleans and his least favorite is the thruster. When he’s not crushing it in the gym, Gio enjoys watching formula 1, hiking, and model boat sailing. Next time you see Gio, give him a big high five and tell him thanks for everything he does for the gym as he is there every Sunday morning for open gym. 

Yoga with Monique: Saturday, November 6th 11:15am

This is free for all current memebers. Sing up in Wodify to reserave your spot. Freinds and family welcome for a drop in fee of $10. 

Welcome the following new members to BCF: Danielle, Rosi, Hannah, Clay, Ha Na, Nick, Bri, Sophie, Heather, Garrett and Casey. 

Happy birthday November members: Walker, Marika, Ani, Mariel, Connor, Jane, Steve, Madeline, Pedro and Jane. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks for being amazing! 

-Zach T 


Boulder CrossFit: October 2021 Newsletter

Hi All, 

Fall has arrived and we’re so excited to end the last 3 months of 2021 with a bang! Please take 5 minutes to read through our important news this month. 

Saturday, October 2nd: 11:15 am Mobility with Monique 

After successful classes this past month and spring, we’ve decided to have Monique run her yoga classes for us EVERY first Saturday of the month. And the best part? These classes are completely FREE for all BCF members. If you have any active membership with us (not punchpass) then all of these yoga classes will be included at no extra charge. If you want to bring anyone outside we ask for a drop-in fee of $10. 

Monday, October 4th: New Class Days & Times 


We had over 100 of you all vote in our survey. The results were almost split down the middle which means we are going to offer the best of both options to try and accommodate everyone’s schedule. See above for the new offerings. All other classes will remain the same/unaffected. 

The biggest note to take away here is that these classes will be up on the schedule for a 3 month trial period, (Oct, Nov, and Dec). If as a gym, we don’t consistently have on average 6 people in these new classes then they will come off the schedule starting Jan 1st. This means, show up and tell all your friends about these new class times.   

Monday, October 4th: New Wyndler cycle begins

For the next 5 weeks, expect to Back Squat on Mondays, Deadlift on Wednesdays, and Strict Press on Fridays. We will of course continue our regular WOD’s after the strength. We will test our new PR’s the week of Nov 1st. 

Tuesday, October 26th: Last classes for Coach Kyrsten ​​​​​​​

This is bittersweet news for us all. Krys will be leaving us at the end of October as she is getting ready to have her first little one! She has played a huge part in the success of our gym and was with us throughout the whole pandemic/closures. Please help us thank her for everything she has done for BCF. Thank you, Krys for being an amazing coach and friend to us all! Her last official class will be on Tuesday night, October 26th. We do plan on holding a farewell workout for her in November so stay posted on details. 

Saturday, October 30th: Halloween Costume Workout  8:45am and 10am 


Join us for our annual partner Halloween community workout. Friends and Family are welcome free of charge (just be sure to wear your costume to class). The best dressed will get a surprise award from the gym. We will vote, as a gym, on best dressed after each class. 

October 2021 Athlete of the Month: Mariel 

Mariel joined BCF to get stronger physically and mentally. She’s only been with us for 4 months now but has been a regular in our morning and night classes. Mariel is a postdoctoral researcher at CU Boulder in the developmental biology department. Her favorite lift is the clean and jerks and her least favorite is the snatch. When she’s not crushing it in the gym, she enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking, and rock climbing. Congrats, Mariel! 

Happy birthday October members:  Ryan M, Angela, Moira, Linda, Denise, and Esak. 

Welcome new members to BCF: Chris, Carlos, Carolyn, Nick, Kristen and Christina. If you don’t know them, be sure to introduce yourself in your next class. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks! 

-Zach T. 


September 2021: Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

We can’t believe summer is almost coming to an end. We’ve got tons of exciting events this month so please take a few minutes to check them out. We also wanted to send this out a few days early so people can plan for the upcoming holiday weekend. 

September 4th, 5th, and 6th Labor Day Weekend Schedule:

We will have our normal 9am class on Saturday, September 4th. Please note that we will be CLOSED on Sunday, September 5th (no open gym). We will then only have a 9am class on Monday, Sept. 6th. The rest of the week will be normal. Our Labor Day workout is open to friends and family as well. The Hero Workout this year will be the following. 

“The Chief” 
5 three minute AMRAPS in 19 minutes: 
AMRAP in 3 Minutes 
3 Power Cleans (135/95/65)
6 Pushups 
9 Air Squats 
Rest 1 minute (Repeat 5 times)  

Saturday, September 11th, 10:15-11:15am: Mobility with Monique 

Back by popular demand, our very own member, Monique will be running another yoga class for us! Join us after the workout on Saturday and bring any friends/family. Just like this past spring, the suggested donation is $5-$20 which will go right to Monique for her time. If anyone is feeling up for it, we can also all go out to brunch somewhere in Boulder right after her class. We have yoga mats but please bring your own if you prefer. 

Saturday, September 18th: Support the BCF Ladies at Girls Gone RX Competition 

We have four all lady teams competing this weekend at a super fun competition. Please show your support and come hang out and cheer them on as they represent BCF. The actual location will be at 720 Athletics in Denver. Once we know all of their heat times, we will post on the Facebook page and on the gym whiteboard. After the competition, we will all plan on going out for food/drinks down in Denver. If anyone wants to carpool, please reach out to Zach to coordinate. 

Saturday, September 25th: Colorado Rockies Game 6pm 

There’s nothing like Fall Baseball in CO. Whether you enjoy the sport or not, join us as we watch the Rockies take on the Giants. The first pitch is at 6:10pm. We can all meet down near the ballpark at Union Station for some drinks/food around 4:30pm and then head into the stadium. We will have a sign-up sheet at the gym. The plan is to get cheap tickets and not worry so much about our seats ($30 or less) as we will be a big group. Please be sure to sign up no later than Wednesday, September 15th so we can get tickets! 

Monday, September 27th: New Wyndler Cycle Starts

We will be running another strength cycle right before the holidays. Plan to retest your 1 rep maxes on the following lifts, Back Squat, Deadlift, and Strict Press during the week of Sept 27th. The following week, October 4th we will start the 5-week cycle ending on November 1st. If you want to read more about the details of the cycle you can do so here

September: Athlete of the Month goes to Mak 


Congrats, Mak! Before the pandemic, Mak was a regular at the Google fitness classes where he found his love for community-oriented fitness. After the gyms closed he found that he wasn’t feeling motivated to workout by myself despite having a home gym. Boulder CrossFit was his way to find a group of like-minded people and workout with them. Mak has been with us for about 10 months now and is a software engineer at Google. He loves pullups but hates handstand pushups. When he’s not in the gym he enjoys mountain biking, climbing, skiing and golf.

New Gym Layout was a HUGE success! 

.        .         

After 2 full days of hard work, the rig installation and reorganizing of the gym was finally complete. We want to personally thank the following people who donated their time to making this vision a reality. Thank you, Randy, Azteca, Dryden, Christian, Jen, Ryan H, Sarah M, Michael K, Fernando, Denise, Katy, and Giovanni. 

Lastly, we would like to wish our September members including, Doris, Emily, Brian, Ryan H, Serena, Kara, and Michael K, a very happy birthday! Please also welcome the following new members this month to the gym. Welcome, Natasha, Caroline, Nicole S, Sarah, Emmett, Ian, Morgan, Esak, Madeline, Steve, Phil and Max. 

That’s it for this month! 

Thank you for continuing to make BCF the best CrossFit gym in Boulder. 

-Zach T. 


August 2021: Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Summer is already flying by! We’ve got some super exciting news for this upcoming month. Be sure to take a few minutes to read it and let us know if you have any questions. 

Saturday, August 14th, 9am-10:30am: Red Rocks Workout and Optional Brunch After 

We are excited to announce the return of our annual Red Rocks Workout. Last year it was canceled due to COVID but were back this year. Let’s meet in the parking lot at Red Rocks at 9am for a fun outdoor team workout. If anyone needs a ride please let us know and we can coordinate a few cars to leave from the gym. After the Red Rocks workout, we can all plan to go out to Brunch in Boulder depending on the size of our group. Please note, that there will be no regular class at the gym this Saturday. 

Saturday, August 21st: 9am class moved to 7:45am. Gym CLOSED the rest of the weekend 

We are gearing up for a busy Fall and end of 2021. Our classes are growing each week which means it’s finally time to re-organize the gym to make it more usable/safe for larger groups. Our plan right now is to move our current 40-foot rig 2 feet away from the wall, which will open up more room to use 4 more racks. We will then be installing this awesome new 14-foot rig to the lefthand side of the whiteboard which will give us an additional 4 racks and 6-8 more pullups stations. As you can imagine, this is a big project which will take tons of sweat and hard work.

We will move our normal 9am class on Saturday to 7:45am and then the gym will be closed the rest of the weekend. This also means no dropping in even if you are on the 24/7 access key. We will need the full 2 days to get this done. We can’t wait to show you all the improvements!

PS: If anyone is willing to come help with any or all of this, please let Zach know so we can plan accordingly. 

Important Note on Using Equipment: 

Please treat our gym equipment as if it were your own. We know you aren’t doing this on purpose but please do NOT drop any 10lb plates from overhead. If this continues our 10lb plates will break as they are floppy and not meant to be dropped overhead at any time. 

In addition to the bummer plates, please do NOT drop the empty barbell on the floor at any time. Most of you are great at following this rule during warmup and class but for some reason during clean-up, the rules get thrown out. For example, when unloading one side of the barbell with weights, some of you have been dropping the other side that has no weights on it. Overtime, this will destroy the barbells, especially the spin of them. Our coaches will try their best to remind you all during and after class so please don’t take it personally if we call you out. 

August Athlete of the Month: Adam B. 

Congrats, Adam! Adam is one of our longest BCF members. He’s been with us for 5 years now! He’s stuck with our gym because he was most impressed with our supportive community, great indoor and outdoor spaces, and great coaches. His favorite lift is the power clean but isn’t a fan of the front squat. Outside of the gym, Adam is an engineering manager at Google (specifically the google drive team). When he’s not crushing it in the gym, he enjoys spending time with his family and mountain biking/skiing. Next time you see him in class, give him a huge high five. Here’s to another 5 years, Adam! 

Welcome New Members to BCF: Welcome, Anne-Marie, Adam, Aubrey, Heather, Garrett, and Brad. 

Happy Birthday to our August members: Cheryl, Mak, Tatiane, Aubrey, and Aliza. 

That’s it for this month. Thank you all for being awesome! 


July 2021: Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

We can’t believe that we’re already halfway through 2021! It’s been an eventful first 6 months and we can’t wait to see what the remaining 6 have in store for us. Please take a few minutes to read our exciting news for this month. 

Monday, July 5th: Independence Day Hero WOD: “The Seven” 9am Class Only (Sunday July 4th CLOSED)

We will be running only 1 class this day in observance of the holiday. Friends and Family are welcome to join free of charge. “The Seven” is a long HEROWOD. Please read above for more info on the why behind the workout. 

  • 7 Rounds For Time
  • 7 Handstand Push-Ups (or 7 HR Pushups)
  • 7 Thrusters (135/95 lb)
  • 7 Knees-to-Elbows
  • 7 Deadlifts (245/165 lb)
  • 7 Burpees
  • 7 Kettlebell Swings (70/53/36)
  • 7 Pull-Up

Saturday, July 17th: Social Outting at the Boulder Reservoir 2-6PM 

Join us for our next fun get-together outside of the gym. We have reserved an area called Chandler Beach where we have our own Volleyball courts and BBQ pits. We’ll have lawn games like spikeball, cornhole, and others. We also have a few paddleboards for people wanting to get in the water. We will provide light snacks, (chips, fruit, cookies, etc) but please BYOB and any other food you’d like. Friends and Family welcome! We also recommend carpooling together or even biking over there as parking may be limited. 

July 2021 Athlete of the Month: 

Congrats, Slava! Slava has been a regular 6:15pmer for over now 3 years now. He first started at our gym with some co-workers with the intention of finding a group of friendly and welcoming people. Outside of the gym, he works as a software engineer for a local company. Slava’s favorite lift is the snatch but doesn’t enjoy the overhead squat. When hes not crushing the night workouts, he enjoys hiking, photography, painting and reading. Next time you see him in your class, give him a big high five! 

Welcome New Members: 

Tons of new and returning faces in the gym this past month. Be sure to introduce yourself next time you see someone unfamiliar in one of your classes. Welcome in Aubrey, Katelyn, Brett, Ryan, Katherine, Anthony, Juan, Aubrey N, Adam N, Abby and Esteban. 

Happy Birthday July Members: 

Don’t forget to come in for a fun Saturday workout programmed for and by YOU:) HBD to Ha Na, Austin, Sean, and Slava 

Thats it for this month. Thank you! 

-Zach T 

PS: If anyone is interested in our new monthly Blogpost, “how to fund your perfect gym”, you can find that HERE. 


June 2021 Newsletter

Hi Members, 

Summer has finally arrived and were all super excited to get outside and enjoy some fitness in the sun. Please take a few minutes to read our announcements for this month! 

June 1st: New Cleaning Requirements 

It’s been over a year now with us using our disinfectant on all of our surfaces after working out. While we truly appreciate everyone doing their part in minimizing the transmission of COVID, we will no longer require spraying down your equipment after use. According to the CDC, the risk of getting COVID from touching surfaces is relatively low. Of course, if you feel more safe spraying down your equipment, that will still be an option for you (try to refrain from soaking the plates though). If you prefer to do this, please take a disinfectant bottle from the bin (next to the assault bikes) and a towel to your workout area prior to the start of class, and then return it to the cleaning bin when class is finished. Spray bottles and towels will no longer be left out on the gym floor. 

Monday, June 7th. New BCF Tank Tops 

You all asked for these so here they are! We will put the order in on June 7th so please put your name, quantity, and size on the whiteboard at the gym no later than that date. The cost is $20/tank. 

Saturday, June 19th: Track Workout at Centennial Middle School 9am & Gym Get Together at Rayback Collective 12:30pm 

Join us for our annual 1-mile run test! After the 1 mile run, we will run through a short team workout at the tracks. Please note that this is in replace of our class at the gym that weekend so don’t show up there!  We will continue the fun later that afternoon at Rayback Collective in Boulder at 12:30pm. They do not take reservations for large groups. It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis so if you plan on coming please let us know that morning so we can go when they open at 12pm to get a spot/area for us all. Dogs are welcome! 

June 2021 Athlete of the Month: Hanna M. 

Congrats, Hanna! Hanna has only been a member with us for a few months now but attends almost every class (including open gym) each week! She started with us because she wanted a supportive environment with an emphasis on constantly varied workouts. Hanna is a structural aerospace engineer with Sierra Nevada Corporation. Her favorite movements are any of the powerlifts and her least favorite is the bench press. Outside of the gym, she enjoys snowboarding and spending time with her Aussie. Next time you see her in one of your classes, be sure to give her a huge high five!  

Important Upcoming Dates: 

Sunday, July 4th: CLOSED. Monday, July 5th: 9:00 am only. Tuesday, July 6th Normal. 

Welcome New Members: 

Luisa, Cheryl, David, Mariel, Fernando, Gali, Chris, Moche, and Tataine to the gym. Be sure to introduce yourself next time you see them in one of your classes. 

Happy Birthday June Members: Geroge, Randy, Colt, Jeff, Fernando, Max and  Zach. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks for being awesome everyone. 


Boulder CrossFit: May 2021 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Spring is finally here and Summer is right around the corner! We are all hopefully getting a taste of life post-COVID and seeing the light at the end of pandemic life. We’re super excited to finally be able to host some more social events outside of the gym in the coming months. Be on the lookout for more details on outings later this summer. As for this month, take a few minutes to see all the fun announcements. 

Memorial Day Murph and Gym Get Together: Saturday, May 29th: 9am and 10:30am 

For those who don’t know what this event is all about, please see above for the actual workout itself. And for those who don’t know the WHY behind the workout, check it out HERE. This is an annual event that Boulder CrossFit has done every year since our opening in 2012. However, this year we are going the extra mile (no pun intended)! After last month’s fundraising success, we decided to keep it rolling. BCF will become an “official host” for the Murph Challenge which means we are donating $250 to the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. The event is completely FREE for all BCF members, families, and friends. If you do wish to donate, the organization is only asking for a $30 registration fee which will get you a t-shirt and give you the ability to see where you rank against others in this workout. 

We will be running only two classes this day. One at 9am and one at 10:30am Each class will be capped at 25 total people and for the most part, can be done outside. Be sure to register early through Wodify the week before (registration will open up on Monday, May 24th). After the workout, join us for some food and cold drinks outside of the gym. If you want to bring anything to throw on the grill, be sure to do so. Friends and family are welcome to come to participate, or just watch and cheer you on! 

Also, if anyone is interested in Drydens Crawfish Feed after the workout, we will post up a sign-up at the gym for you to put your name down on it. Depending on how many people we get, it should be about $10-$20/person for fresh Crawfish and all the fixings. Be sure to ask Dryden for more details on this! 

*Note: Saturday, May 22nd class is canceled for Staff Development Day. There will be Open Gym from 9-10am though. 

*Note: Sunday, May 30th Open Gym iscanceled. On Monday, May 31st there will only be a 9am and 10:15am class. 

May Athlete of the Month goes to…Emily!

While Emily has only been a member at BCF for 2 months now, her positive attitude and energy in the gym are truly special. She joined BCF with the intention of finding a safe space where she could grow and learn new skills in. Emily loves all barbell workouts especially the power lifts. Her all-time favorite movement? Snatch deadlift to be specific:) Outside of the gym, Emily is a “learning experience designer” for an insurance company (ask her to explain that one). When she’s not crushing the barbell, you can find her spending time with all 4 of her dogs, camping, and skiing. Congrats, Emily! Next time you see her in the gym be sure to give her a big fist bump. 

Dogs at Boulder CrossFit: 


We wanted to write a blogpost about our new policy regarding dogs inside the gym moving forward. Just so everyone is on the same page as to what our official policy is, please be sure to read it. We absolutely love having dogs with us while we workout. However, be mindful and respectful of the new rules set in place to make our gym safer, cleaner, and a better experience for everyone. 

Happy Birthday to our May Members: Sarah, Azteca, Arlene, Tia, Riley, Marcus, Phil, Justin, and Giovanni! Don’t forget to come into a Saturday workout and plan with the coach on what you want to do.

Welcome new and returning Members to BCF: Danielle, Paula, Marcus, Cora, Matthew, Austin, Casey, Alexis, Phil, Caleb, and Kara.  

Thanks, everyone! 


April 2021 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Please take some time to read our news for the month! 

CrossFit Open 2021 Team Champs:

And just like that, our 2021 Open is done. It was a super fun 3 weeks of friendly competition between all 6 teams. Congrats to everyone for showing up, giving it their all, and having fun. We also wanted to thank everyone for their donations which will be charged over Wodify this week. We were able to raise $420 for our charity The rest of the money ($210), will be given to our 1st place team. We can’t wait to see what March 2022 has in store for us. 

  • 1st Place: Team Zach 1,975 points
  • 2nd Place: Team Dryden 1,825 points 
  • 3rd Place: Team Jen 1,630 points 
  • 4th Place: Team Krys 1,425 points 
  • 5th Place: Team Sarah 1,405 points 
  • 6th Place: Team Ben 1,160 points 

Also, be sure to check out our April Blog post. Open 2021 Review: A Celebration of Fitness 

New Strength Cycle Starts April 19th:

Back by popular demand, we will be running another strength cycle. This 5 week Spring cycle will be another version of the Wyndler Cycle. Mondays for Back Squat, Wednesdays for Deadlift, and Fridays for Strict Press. This means the week before, April 12th, we will be re-testing all 3 of these main lifts to find an accurate 1 rep max. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this cycle, don’t worry and just show up. All the coaches will explain it before each class. We will, of course, continue doing all the workouts of the day during the strength cycle as well.

April Athlete of the Month and New Blogpost:

Our April 2021 Athlete of the Month goes to, Azteca! Azteca is a regular at our 6am class and has been a member with us for about 1 year now. While he’s not in the gym, Azteca is a full-time painter. He enjoys playing soccer and mountain biking in his free time. Azteca favorite movement is the deadlift (pulling 450lbs) and he says muscle-ups are the most frustrating (we all can relate to that). Keep up the great work Azteca. You are an amazing athlete and just an overall good person:) 

Fundraiser Workout: Saturday, April 3rd 9am-10:15am 

Please see our video HERE for all the information.

Words can’t describe the level of sadness last week has brought to our community. Our thoughts go out to all the family members of the victims of last week’s shootings. We will be doing a free community workout in honor of all the victims and we only ask that you donate (any amount you can).100% of the money raised will go directly towards the Colorado Healing Fund. Boulder CrossFit will match all donations up to $500 as well. If you plan on bringing someone please just one of us coaches know so we can plan accordingly. All donations will be collected through Wodify the morning of. Everyone is welcome to join us for this workout (you don’t have to be a current BCF member). 

New Members and Happy Birthday April Members: 

Happy birthday to our April members:Krys, Kaytee, Kelsey, Gaurav, Chrissy, and Vinay.

Please also welcome several new and returning members to the gym. Welcome in Erik, Kelsey, Hanna, Lacey, John, Mark, Arlene, Erik Banta, Bryce, and Justin. Next time you see them in class be sure to introduce yourself. 

Thanks, everyone for your continued support in Boulder CrossFit!