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June 2021 Newsletter

Hi Members, 

Summer has finally arrived and were all super excited to get outside and enjoy some fitness in the sun. Please take a few minutes to read our announcements for this month! 

June 1st: New Cleaning Requirements 

It’s been over a year now with us using our disinfectant on all of our surfaces after working out. While we truly appreciate everyone doing their part in minimizing the transmission of COVID, we will no longer require spraying down your equipment after use. According to the CDC, the risk of getting COVID from touching surfaces is relatively low. Of course, if you feel more safe spraying down your equipment, that will still be an option for you (try to refrain from soaking the plates though). If you prefer to do this, please take a disinfectant bottle from the bin (next to the assault bikes) and a towel to your workout area prior to the start of class, and then return it to the cleaning bin when class is finished. Spray bottles and towels will no longer be left out on the gym floor. 

Monday, June 7th. New BCF Tank Tops 

You all asked for these so here they are! We will put the order in on June 7th so please put your name, quantity, and size on the whiteboard at the gym no later than that date. The cost is $20/tank. 

Saturday, June 19th: Track Workout at Centennial Middle School 9am & Gym Get Together at Rayback Collective 12:30pm 

Join us for our annual 1-mile run test! After the 1 mile run, we will run through a short team workout at the tracks. Please note that this is in replace of our class at the gym that weekend so don’t show up there!  We will continue the fun later that afternoon at Rayback Collective in Boulder at 12:30pm. They do not take reservations for large groups. It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis so if you plan on coming please let us know that morning so we can go when they open at 12pm to get a spot/area for us all. Dogs are welcome! 

June 2021 Athlete of the Month: Hanna M. 

Congrats, Hanna! Hanna has only been a member with us for a few months now but attends almost every class (including open gym) each week! She started with us because she wanted a supportive environment with an emphasis on constantly varied workouts. Hanna is a structural aerospace engineer with Sierra Nevada Corporation. Her favorite movements are any of the powerlifts and her least favorite is the bench press. Outside of the gym, she enjoys snowboarding and spending time with her Aussie. Next time you see her in one of your classes, be sure to give her a huge high five!  

Important Upcoming Dates: 

Sunday, July 4th: CLOSED. Monday, July 5th: 9:00 am only. Tuesday, July 6th Normal. 

Welcome New Members: 

Luisa, Cheryl, David, Mariel, Fernando, Gali, Chris, Moche, and Tataine to the gym. Be sure to introduce yourself next time you see them in one of your classes. 

Happy Birthday June Members: Geroge, Randy, Colt, Jeff, Fernando, Max and  Zach. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks for being awesome everyone. 


Boulder CrossFit: May 2021 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Spring is finally here and Summer is right around the corner! We are all hopefully getting a taste of life post-COVID and seeing the light at the end of pandemic life. We’re super excited to finally be able to host some more social events outside of the gym in the coming months. Be on the lookout for more details on outings later this summer. As for this month, take a few minutes to see all the fun announcements. 

Memorial Day Murph and Gym Get Together: Saturday, May 29th: 9am and 10:30am 

For those who don’t know what this event is all about, please see above for the actual workout itself. And for those who don’t know the WHY behind the workout, check it out HERE. This is an annual event that Boulder CrossFit has done every year since our opening in 2012. However, this year we are going the extra mile (no pun intended)! After last month’s fundraising success, we decided to keep it rolling. BCF will become an “official host” for the Murph Challenge which means we are donating $250 to the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. The event is completely FREE for all BCF members, families, and friends. If you do wish to donate, the organization is only asking for a $30 registration fee which will get you a t-shirt and give you the ability to see where you rank against others in this workout. 

We will be running only two classes this day. One at 9am and one at 10:30am Each class will be capped at 25 total people and for the most part, can be done outside. Be sure to register early through Wodify the week before (registration will open up on Monday, May 24th). After the workout, join us for some food and cold drinks outside of the gym. If you want to bring anything to throw on the grill, be sure to do so. Friends and family are welcome to come to participate, or just watch and cheer you on! 

Also, if anyone is interested in Drydens Crawfish Feed after the workout, we will post up a sign-up at the gym for you to put your name down on it. Depending on how many people we get, it should be about $10-$20/person for fresh Crawfish and all the fixings. Be sure to ask Dryden for more details on this! 

*Note: Saturday, May 22nd class is canceled for Staff Development Day. There will be Open Gym from 9-10am though. 

*Note: Sunday, May 30th Open Gym iscanceled. On Monday, May 31st there will only be a 9am and 10:15am class. 

May Athlete of the Month goes to…Emily!

While Emily has only been a member at BCF for 2 months now, her positive attitude and energy in the gym are truly special. She joined BCF with the intention of finding a safe space where she could grow and learn new skills in. Emily loves all barbell workouts especially the power lifts. Her all-time favorite movement? Snatch deadlift to be specific:) Outside of the gym, Emily is a “learning experience designer” for an insurance company (ask her to explain that one). When she’s not crushing the barbell, you can find her spending time with all 4 of her dogs, camping, and skiing. Congrats, Emily! Next time you see her in the gym be sure to give her a big fist bump. 

Dogs at Boulder CrossFit: 


We wanted to write a blogpost about our new policy regarding dogs inside the gym moving forward. Just so everyone is on the same page as to what our official policy is, please be sure to read it. We absolutely love having dogs with us while we workout. However, be mindful and respectful of the new rules set in place to make our gym safer, cleaner, and a better experience for everyone. 

Happy Birthday to our May Members: Sarah, Azteca, Arlene, Tia, Riley, Marcus, Phil, Justin, and Giovanni! Don’t forget to come into a Saturday workout and plan with the coach on what you want to do.

Welcome new and returning Members to BCF: Danielle, Paula, Marcus, Cora, Matthew, Austin, Casey, Alexis, Phil, Caleb, and Kara.  

Thanks, everyone! 


April 2021 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Please take some time to read our news for the month! 

CrossFit Open 2021 Team Champs:

And just like that, our 2021 Open is done. It was a super fun 3 weeks of friendly competition between all 6 teams. Congrats to everyone for showing up, giving it their all, and having fun. We also wanted to thank everyone for their donations which will be charged over Wodify this week. We were able to raise $420 for our charity The rest of the money ($210), will be given to our 1st place team. We can’t wait to see what March 2022 has in store for us. 

  • 1st Place: Team Zach 1,975 points
  • 2nd Place: Team Dryden 1,825 points 
  • 3rd Place: Team Jen 1,630 points 
  • 4th Place: Team Krys 1,425 points 
  • 5th Place: Team Sarah 1,405 points 
  • 6th Place: Team Ben 1,160 points 

Also, be sure to check out our April Blog post. Open 2021 Review: A Celebration of Fitness 

New Strength Cycle Starts April 19th:

Back by popular demand, we will be running another strength cycle. This 5 week Spring cycle will be another version of the Wyndler Cycle. Mondays for Back Squat, Wednesdays for Deadlift, and Fridays for Strict Press. This means the week before, April 12th, we will be re-testing all 3 of these main lifts to find an accurate 1 rep max. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this cycle, don’t worry and just show up. All the coaches will explain it before each class. We will, of course, continue doing all the workouts of the day during the strength cycle as well.

April Athlete of the Month and New Blogpost:

Our April 2021 Athlete of the Month goes to, Azteca! Azteca is a regular at our 6am class and has been a member with us for about 1 year now. While he’s not in the gym, Azteca is a full-time painter. He enjoys playing soccer and mountain biking in his free time. Azteca favorite movement is the deadlift (pulling 450lbs) and he says muscle-ups are the most frustrating (we all can relate to that). Keep up the great work Azteca. You are an amazing athlete and just an overall good person:) 

Fundraiser Workout: Saturday, April 3rd 9am-10:15am 

Please see our video HERE for all the information.

Words can’t describe the level of sadness last week has brought to our community. Our thoughts go out to all the family members of the victims of last week’s shootings. We will be doing a free community workout in honor of all the victims and we only ask that you donate (any amount you can).100% of the money raised will go directly towards the Colorado Healing Fund. Boulder CrossFit will match all donations up to $500 as well. If you plan on bringing someone please just one of us coaches know so we can plan accordingly. All donations will be collected through Wodify the morning of. Everyone is welcome to join us for this workout (you don’t have to be a current BCF member). 

New Members and Happy Birthday April Members: 

Happy birthday to our April members:Krys, Kaytee, Kelsey, Gaurav, Chrissy, and Vinay.

Please also welcome several new and returning members to the gym. Welcome in Erik, Kelsey, Hanna, Lacey, John, Mark, Arlene, Erik Banta, Bryce, and Justin. Next time you see them in class be sure to introduce yourself. 

Thanks, everyone for your continued support in Boulder CrossFit! 


February 2021 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Please take a few minutes to read our exciting news for this month. We’ve got a really fun event planned in March. Keep reading for all the details. 

CrossFit Open is COMING March 11th: In House Competiton 

What is the CrossFit Open? Click here for all the info. Every Friday in the month of February and the first week of March, we will be re-testing past CrossFit Open WODS. We will also re-introduce skill work every Thursday for this month. This will be an extra fun year as we will be running a special in house competition with prize money. This is how it works:

Sign up for the Open in the gym on the whiteboard by Friday, March 5th  (cost is $15 per person. $10 of that cost will go towards this non-profit organization whose goal is to bring fitness to at-risk youth. The other $5 will be put into the prize pool. Each member will then be assigned a team and a coach. We will have 6 total teams as each coach will be the team captain. Skill and experience levels will be dispersed evenly across the teams. This is how you win the grand prize (to be dispersed evenly across all teammates). Points will be awarded to each individual of each team each week. The team with the MOST accumulated points will win the grand prize money!

  • 1 point/person/week for just showing up and finishing the workout 
  • 2 points/person/week for any PRs (Personal records) Think double under, muscle-ups, handstand pushups, etc. 
  • 3 points for each top finisher in the RX and scaled divisions/each week. Unfortunately, no points will be given if you’re doing the at-home or any other version of the workout. 

Your coach/team captain will be responsible for recording all of these each week but it is your responsibility to communicate that with them. 

The workouts themselves will be programmed for the gym every Friday. This means if you show up to class (whether or not you’re officially registered or not) you will be doing the workouts. So why not put a little money towards a great organization and take part in this fun and inclusive competition? Need more reasons to register? Check out our new blogpost below. 

February 2021 BlogPost: 

CrossFit Open 2021 Are You In? Check out our newest blogpost with why we should ALL register for the Open this month. 

Coach Workouts: Mondays 8:30-9:45am and Fridays 10:30-11:45am 

We’ve had a few people ask about when coaches get together and workout each week. We normally do so on Mondays and Fridays and we’ve decided to open this up to members as well! Please note that these are NOT coach lead classes but just a time to workout alongside us. Reservations will still be required. The workouts themselves are unusually what’s programmed for class, but with some extra work attached 💪 All are welcome (and any workout can be scaled) so we hope to see some of your faces there! 

February 2021 Athlete of the Month: 

Congrats, Sanjana! She’s been a member with us for ~6 months now and is a 6 AM regular. She joined BCF with the intention of getting her mental and physical health back during the pandemic. Her favorite movement are cleans but she hates burpees. Outside of the gym, she’s a network engineer for an R&D telecom organization. While she’s not working out, Sanjhana loves photography and spending time outside. 

Winner of the January 2021 Gym Wide Challenge:

Congrats, Shannon B. It was a close race between her, Randy, and Michael K. Shannon went to 27 combined open gym hours and classes this past month. She also rowed 1,191 total calories! Both Randy and Michael came in 2nd with a total of 24 combined classes and open gym hours. Our next gym-wide challenge will be later this Spring so be on the lookout for more info. 

Welcome New Members and Happy Birthday February Members:

We would like to welcome the following new members to the gym this month. Next time you see them in your class, be sure to introduce yourselves: 

Welcome James, Monique, Shannon B, George, Ashleigh, Shannon W, Clara, Brian, Aneta, and Jon. Happy Birthday to Katy, Carrie, Kelley, Johnny, Michael T, James, Kirill, Sanjhana, and Paloma. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks, everyone! 

-Zach T. 


January 2021 Newsletter

Hi Members, 

A New Year is finally upon us and we’re excited to approach 2021 with the same perseverance and optimism as we did with 2020! We know everyone has their own fresh resolutions (as do we as a gym) and we hope working out is at the top of your list. We couldn’t be more excited for all the fun, challenging, and exciting plans we have for Boulder CrossFit this year. Please take some time to read our news this month. 

January Gym Wide Challenge: 

This month we will be running a special challenge for all members. The winner will get $25 off their next month’s membership so this one counts a bit more! Here are the rules. 

The winner will be determined by the following criteria. Most classes attended in the month of January. This also INCLUDES any open gym hours. Members are able to come into Open Gym and 1 class in the same day as well. You must sign into Wodify AND mark your attendance down on the Whiteboard on your end.  If there is a tie between members in terms of the number of classes attended the winner will be decided by the max calories on the rower! For example, if Dryden and Jen both come to a total of 20 classes in the month of January, the winner will be whoever rows the most accumulated calories during the month. Calories count during WODs and before/after or during open gym hours. Be sure to mark down on the whiteboard your total calories rowed.  

*if your membership isn’t currently set to unlimited, it is now. For this month only we will upgrade everyone’s membership to unlimited at no extra cost. You’re welcome:) 

January Athlete of the Month goes to…Gloria! 

​​​​​​​While she’s only been a member with us for 1 month, Gloria has literally not missed a class. She joined Boulder CrossFit with the intention of being a role model for her 14-year-old daughter, Linda, who also joined the gym with her. Both Gloria and Linda find that Boulder CrossFit does wonders not only for physical health but mental health as well. Gloria was super nervous her first day with us as she couldn’t do a box jump and now 1 month in she’s doing them for reps in the workouts. Originally from Honduras, Gloria has been in Boulder for the past 16 years and enjoys hiking and being outside. Congrats, Gloria! We’re excited to see your progress with us in 2021. 

Boulder CrossFit: New Swag

We are getting ready to put in a new order of hoodies. These non-zip hoodies are super comfy and a bit more warm/thick than the ones we ordered last winter. Cost is $35/hoodie and they are unisex. If you would like one please put your name, color and size down on the whiteboard no later than Friday January 15th so we can know how many to order. We have black, purple, forrest green, grey and light green.

Please Leave Us A Review: 

Review Boulder Crossfit on Google and get a free can of FITAID! Great reviews are vital for us as a small local business to stay open. It would mean so much to us if you could take 1-2 minutes to leave a review. It’s much appreciated! 

January 2021 Blog post:

Each month, we’re going to try to send out at least 1 blogpost about fitness, nutrition, goals etc. Just a short read 3-5 min read. Check out our first one this month titled New Years Resolutions 2021: Yea or Nay?

Happy Birthday January Members:

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Shaun, Brett, Chris B, and Gloria. Don’t forget to come on into a Saturday workout and plan with the coach on what you want to do for that class. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks everyone! 

PS: Classes will be filling up fast the next few months as this time of year is always busy so please be sure to register ASAP for your preferred class times. Don’t forget there is plenty of room in our 6am and 6:15pm classes as well as open gym hours. 

Zach T.