Boulder CrossFit Open 2024

What is the CrossFit Open?
Click here for more information. The Open is essentially a worldwide competition where, for 3 weeks, all CrossFit gyms around the world do the exact same workout programmed by CrossFit HQ. On another level, it’s a time to celebrate all wins no matter how small or big. It’s a time to come together as a gym and push your teammates to new levels. It’s a time to embrace the fun and competitiveness within us all. And it’s a time to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

When is the CrossFit Open? 
Each Thursday night for 3 weeks CrossFit HQ releases the workout starting March 1st then March 8thand finally ending on March 18th. As a gym, ALL classes will do the workout the following day on Friday whether you are officially signed up or not.

How is Boulder CrossFit running the competition?

For 2024, we will run our own in-house Open. Each Friday night (also known as Friday Night Lights) we will be running several heat times with official judges (aka YOU). You will come in, do the WOD, and then the goal is to stay after to help judge, hang out, and cheer on your fellow gym mates. 

Similar to last year, we will put each registered person onto a team with a team captain (aka one of the coaches). There will be a random drawing a week before the comp to pick the teams. Each week as an individual and team you can earn points for various things like top score, attendance, etc. If you are registered, you will get a judge for each workout who will keep track of your score that week.  If you can’t do the workout on Friday we will have makeups during the following time slots. Please communicate with your team captions and Zach for any make-ups.

Sundays 9:30-11am. Mondays anytime between 9:30am-11:30am

We HIGHLY  encourage you to come in on Friday night to work out. Coaches will do the WOD around 4pm (come watch/support) and then our first heat will start at approx 4:45pm and hopefully run every 30 mins after that (more details to come). Please note that our morning and 12 pm classes will still be doing the WOD but the competition will run on Friday nights so come to that. We will send more details on the exact format in the coming weeks. 

Why should I sign up?
Every year we hear the same excuses for why people don’t officially sign up. We hear things like, “I don’t care about my scores. I’m hurt or I don’t care about competitions”. Or, “I’m intimidated by the workouts and can’t do most of the movements as prescribed so what’s the point”? Here’s the point. You will never grow as a person inside or outside of the gym unless you push all those doubts and questions aside and get outside your comfort zone. At the end of the competition, you will feel better about yourself when you see how much your hard work has paid off all the while having fun with your fellow teammates. 

I’m convinced. How can I sign up?
The cost of this competition is $30/per person (paid to Boulder CrossFit through Wodify). Your fee will get you a Boulder CrossFit t-shirt (post-competition). You can sign up by putting your name on the whiteboard at the gym no later than Friday, Feb 23rd. If you care about inputting your scores to see what your friends got at other CrossFit gyms then you can also register through CrossFit HQ. However, this is NOT a requirement to enter our in-house competition. The team with the most accumulated points at the end of the 3 weeks will be the winner.

We’re looking forward to this 3-week competition!