CrossFit – Fri, Jun 28

Boulder CrossFit – CrossFit


10:00 EMOM

2 Snatches @ 70-80% of 1RM

**These are ideally a Squat Snatch today, however can be power for those with a higher max in the Power Snatch than the Squat Snatch

** We can scale to 3-5 Hang Power Snatch on the minute today for athletes that are generally newer to the olympic lifts in order to develop better positions and more consistency in the lifts.

“Angry Beavers” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

For Reps:

11:00 AMRAP

4-5-6-7… Bar Muscle Ups

11 Power Snatch 95/65lb, 75/55lb

44 Double Unders

Stimulus: Grip Density / High Skill Gymnastics

Primary Objective: Complete 4+ Rounds

“Optional Accessory” (No Measure)

Midline Focus

For Completion:

4 Rounds, :45 Per Station/:15 Rest Between (16:00 Clock)

Station 1 – Max V-Ups

Station 2 – Max Alternating SIngle Leg Deadlifts with Dual Kettlebells , Light Load

Station 3 – Max Alternating Single Leg Banded Hip Thrusts

Station 4 – Rest