CrossFit Open 2021 Review: A Celebration of Fitness

Brains face after crushing 21.3!

Phew. We did it! We’re all done with the 2021 CrossFit Open. Whether it was your first time competing or your tenth, I’m sure we all found something to celebrate. Our in-house competition was super fun. We ended up having a total of 42 members participate each donating $15. That means we were able to raise $420 for non-profit. The other $210 went to the winning team.

1st Place: Team Zach 1,975 points

2nd Place: Team Dryden 1,825 points 

3rd Place: Team Jen 1,630 points 

4th Place: Team Krys 1,425 points 

5th Place: Team Sarah 1,405 points 

6th Place: Team Ben 1,160 points 

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated, participated and gave it their all each week. The Open has always been a time to celebrate our own fitness journey while cheering on our fellow gym-mates. This year was especially great due to the Pandemic life we’ve all been living this past year. You all made it a special competition and I cant’ wait to see what March 2022 will bring us all.

-Zach T.

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