How to stay mentally and physically fit during COVID-19 (Winter 2020-2021)

We’re more than 8 months into this global pandemic and by now we’ve all gotten used to the new norm. Working from home, being socially isolated and not being able to go out and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. All of this can have a huge toll on our physical and mental health. Here’s what I’ve been doing to keep myself sane and happy during this past year.

Being a gym owner, I obviously prioritize fitness over many things in my life. I realize, though, that many don’t have the privilege to go into a facility and workout whenever they want. While many gyms are still closed or open on a limited capacity, that doesn’t mean your fitness needs to suffer. My biggest advice is to get off the couch, and go outside! It doesn’t have to mean coming into Boulder CrossFit 5 days week. Go on walks, hikes, runs, do yoga, and learn new things. Pick up a new skill or hobby like long distance biking or yo-yoing. Just keep moving. Our bodies are not meant to be inside all day staring at a screen. Personally, the fitness aspect has been much easier than the mental aspect during COVID.

While it’s true that fitness leads to a happier and healthier mind, there are other ways you can stay mentally strong. Similar to my advice on fitness, I challenge you to pick up a new book or learn a new subject that you’ve always been interested in. Pick up your phone and actually call (not text) an old high school or college friend. Get off, or at least limit, all your social media outlets to 15 minutes a day.

My biggest advice throughout this whole pandemic is to force your brain to have the right mindset. An optimistic outlook and realization that we will all come out stronger than ever when this is all done is extremely important! See you all in 2021.

PS: Our 2021 Christmas/End of the Year Holiday Party will be twice as big and fun as last year!

-Zach T.

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