June 2021 Newsletter

Hi Members, 

Summer has finally arrived and were all super excited to get outside and enjoy some fitness in the sun. Please take a few minutes to read our announcements for this month! 

June 1st: New Cleaning Requirements 

It’s been over a year now with us using our disinfectant on all of our surfaces after working out. While we truly appreciate everyone doing their part in minimizing the transmission of COVID, we will no longer require spraying down your equipment after use. According to the CDC, the risk of getting COVID from touching surfaces is relatively low. Of course, if you feel more safe spraying down your equipment, that will still be an option for you (try to refrain from soaking the plates though). If you prefer to do this, please take a disinfectant bottle from the bin (next to the assault bikes) and a towel to your workout area prior to the start of class, and then return it to the cleaning bin when class is finished. Spray bottles and towels will no longer be left out on the gym floor. 

Monday, June 7th. New BCF Tank Tops 

You all asked for these so here they are! We will put the order in on June 7th so please put your name, quantity, and size on the whiteboard at the gym no later than that date. The cost is $20/tank. 

Saturday, June 19th: Track Workout at Centennial Middle School 9am & Gym Get Together at Rayback Collective 12:30pm 

Join us for our annual 1-mile run test! After the 1 mile run, we will run through a short team workout at the tracks. Please note that this is in replace of our class at the gym that weekend so don’t show up there!  We will continue the fun later that afternoon at Rayback Collective in Boulder at 12:30pm. They do not take reservations for large groups. It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis so if you plan on coming please let us know that morning so we can go when they open at 12pm to get a spot/area for us all. Dogs are welcome! 

June 2021 Athlete of the Month: Hanna M. 

Congrats, Hanna! Hanna has only been a member with us for a few months now but attends almost every class (including open gym) each week! She started with us because she wanted a supportive environment with an emphasis on constantly varied workouts. Hanna is a structural aerospace engineer with Sierra Nevada Corporation. Her favorite movements are any of the powerlifts and her least favorite is the bench press. Outside of the gym, she enjoys snowboarding and spending time with her Aussie. Next time you see her in one of your classes, be sure to give her a huge high five!  

Important Upcoming Dates: 

Sunday, July 4th: CLOSED. Monday, July 5th: 9:00 am only. Tuesday, July 6th Normal. 

Welcome New Members: 

Luisa, Cheryl, David, Mariel, Fernando, Gali, Chris, Moche, and Tataine to the gym. Be sure to introduce yourself next time you see them in one of your classes. 

Happy Birthday June Members: Geroge, Randy, Colt, Jeff, Fernando, Max and  Zach. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks for being awesome everyone. 

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