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Monday February 19th:


Monday February 19th:

overhead press at the best gym in boulder - boulder crossfit


Join us this Thursday evening immediately following the WOD for the announcement of “18.1” and the showing of the “Fittest on Earth, a Decade of Fitness”. If you haven’t already done so, sign up HERE for the 2018 Open!


strength and conditioning:

“4 Leaf Clover”

3 rounds of:

1 min amrap of:

10 goblet squats 70/53/35# then

max pull ups

1 min rest then

1 min amrap of:

10 pull ups then

max goblet squats 70/53/35#

1 min rest

*Score all “max reps”

cash out:

3 min amrap of:

25/20/15 cal row then:

max wall balls 20/14/10#

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