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Monday June 25th


Monday June 25th

women planking at Boulder CrossFit

5 Minute Push up/Plank Challenge Day 25: Do 25, 5 second negative push ups. Try incline, decline, wide grip, narrow grip, dynamic, hand release, etc… 5 minute cap.



5 sets to work up to a heavy unbroken cycle of:

5 deadlifts

5 hang power cleans

5 front squats

5 shoulder-to-overhead

5 back squats

*Do 1 pull up with a 10-15 second negative and a 10-15 second dead hang between every set.

*Start by estimating your heaviest weight and aim high!!! Then start at apprx. 60% of the estimation and go up by about 10% every set. This is a great workout to take with you on the road as well! All you need is a barbell (you can skip the pull up if there is no pull up bar)! Like the “Bear Complex”, there is no time limit so think perfect form not speed. “Resting” spots can be hip crease, the hang, front rack and back rack positions. Post scores to comments.

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