Open Gym at Boulder CrossFit

Over the years we’ve had some people ask what these hours mean. We’ve decided to put it in a blogpost so we’re all on the same page.

Open gym hours mean Boulder CrossFit is open for members to come in, workout on their own, or make up/do the workout of the day. These specific blocks of time normally are during “off hours” when we don’t have any coach-led classes. If you have less than 3 months of CrossFit experience we highly recommend NOT attending any of these open gym hours as they are NOT classes with an official coach there. If a coach happens to be there while you are working out, you’re welcome to ask quick, clarifying questions but don’t expect a full 1-1 personal training session.

Our goal for open gym is 2 fold. First, we want to offer additional times for you all to get a workout in just in case you can’t make it to a class that day. And second, it’s a time for you to refine your skills and practice what you learn in class. Our gym is centered around CrossFit classes so be sure you make those the priority of your membership. If you are on punchpass or 2x/3x a week membership and you sign up for open gym, that will count towards your attendance.

Read below for all the rules around the open gym.

1: Our open gym hours are set on the class schedule and you MUST register for them as you would do for any normal class. If noone is registered 30 minus prior to the star then the gym will NOT be open for you.

2: Open gym ENDS when it says it does in Wodify. Please be respectful of the coach’s time and do NOT ask to keep the gym open any longer than our designated time slots. If you feel you need more time and want 24/7 access to our gym we do offer a key for an additional $40/month. Reach out to us for more info on that.

3: This rule applies to our weekend open gym hours specifically. The gym will NOT be allowed to stay open without a supervised coach inside. The coach does NOT have any obligation to stay any longer than the specified time slots. You are NOT allowed to be inside the gym alone (due to liability issues) unless you have a key to the gym and/or have spoken to Zach directly.

4: Arguably, the most important rule is to clean up after yourself. Put all equipment back in the right spot and make sure you do not leave anything out that you used to workout. This includes but is not limited to bands, slam-balls, plates, ropes, chalk, hand protectors, water bottles etc.

If you have any other questions, please reach out. Thank you!