Clay Hardy

[email protected]

Clay was born and raised around Clemson, SC. After moving to Nashville in 2003, he grew into the yoga and ultramarathon communities. He found CrossFit in 2012 and was amazed to find such a strong community with an amazing variability of workouts. He earned his 200 Hour Yoga Certification in 2013. Then in 2014, he earned his CrossFit L1 Trainer Certification. After coaching in Tennessee and South Carolina, he decided to take his L2 training in Hawaii in 2015. While moving from coast to coast for work, he always found CrossFit a home and community as an athlete and Coach. He has always appreciated CrossFit’s integration of learning new skills, moving well, gaining strength, and meeting so many great people along the way. He has coached CrossFit and taught yoga in Tennessee, California, and South Carolina.

“My goal as a Coach is to make everyone feel welcome and learn something new everyday. I put an emphasis on moving well and gains in skill and technique.”

He renewed his L2 Certification in 2019 moved to Colorado in 2021. He joined BCF in October of 2021 and has found the welcoming community he was looking for. He hopes to bring an additional piece to the great Team at BCF and become a reliable asset to the BCF athletes.


  • CF L2
  • CF Mobility
  • Yoga 200 Hour