Jennifer Boyd

[email protected]

Jen was a successful athlete throughout her youth, competing in many sports, and earning back to back State Championship basketball titles her sophomore and junior years in high school.

Taking a “break” after high school, Jen still needed to feed her fiercely competitive nature and found herself on multiple intramural teams throughout university and after and even had a stint with roller derby prior to getting pregnant with her daughter Brooklyn in 2010. But being a busy full time working mom, Jen found herself taking care of everybody but herself, until her best friend introduced her to CrossFit in 2014. Since then, Boulder CrossFit has been her home away from home.

“The challenging and constantly varied workouts keep me engaged, interested, never bored and always excited for what challenge might come next. But the sense of community, diversity of members and camaraderie of my fellow competitors and teammates is what keeps me coming back every single day. It’s not a chore for me to workout…it’s something that I look forward to!”

When Jen isn’t working out or coaching at Boulder CrossFit, she’s most likely half way around the world exploring exotic lands and feeding her wanderlust. Her nearly 20 year career in the tourism industry has taken her to over 40 countries and her natural aptitude for leadership roles has landed her numerous stints acting as a tour leader, sharing her deep knowledge of Asia and beyond with fellow adventurous souls.

Favorite CrossFit Movements? I love practicing Handstand walks and the oly lifts, but theres just something about muscle ups! Bring it on!


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • Dive Master
  • CPR/First Aid