Katy Fassett

[email protected]

Katy has been an avid CrossFitter since 2015, including competing in several competitions and qualifying in her age group in the Open. After years as a successful competitive trail running ultra-marathoner, and struggling with injuries, her brother introduced her to CrossFit and she was hooked, “it was like I found the fountain of youth!”. Katy loves the camaraderie and high intensity of the CrossFit lifestyle and is continuing to set PRs and learn new skills. As a master athlete, Katy passionately believes that “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement” defined as CrossFit is the key to a healthy life and hopes to inspire others.

Katy is a University of Colorado graduate, has lived in Boulder for 30 years, and is married with a college-age daughter. When she’s not doing CrossFit Katy enjoys mountain biking, competitive pistol shooting, hunting, and cooking. She also runs the Boulder Rifle Club’s monthly women’s pistol program.