Tony Silva

Tony has been a regular 7:15am member with us for some time now and has over a decade of coaching/CrossFit experience under his belt. Tony is a CrossFit Level 2 coach and will be running his first class with us this Saturday. Expect Tony to be in the coaching rotation in the coming months. You can read his bio below. Welcome, Tony!

Tony has been exercising for time since 2012 and coaching since 2013. Tony’s contributions have helped grow many gyms from numbers in the teens to hundreds of members. From training professional athletes to guiding the University of Oklahoma Rugby team in their physical conditioning, to a grandmother recovering from double knee replacement surgery, Tony has proven his ability to work with any client no matter their skill level. A slightly above-average exerciser, Tony enjoys the competitive side of CrossFit. In the sport of fitness, Tony has a number of medals but one of Tony’s crowning achievements is competing in the CrossFit Games Semi-Finals as part of a formidable team. What sets Tony apart is not his handsome looks, or his ability to lift heavy weights but his belief that CrossFit is for everyone, regardless of age, background, or fitness level. His mission? To help each individual unlock their full potential and achieve their personal fitness goals.