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Saturday June 2nd


Saturday June 2nd

deficit push ups at Boulder CrossFit

5 Minute Push up/Plank Challenge Day 2: 1 min max push ups test (testing in). From your knees if necessary, but be sure to keep your hips down and go all the way down and up.FULL range of motion with no “snake”. ¬†Keep the ‘in testing” measurable so we can manage it! Rest 1 minute, then a 3 minute plank hold (if not unbroken, in a few of sets as possible). Log both scores!

Saturday Schedule:

7:00am – 9:30am Open Gym

8:00am – Team WOD / *MUM (Make up Murph)

* We will be having a regular Team WOD, but you also may do Make up Murph as well!

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