September 2023 Programming Focus


Let’s look back at August and review some of the highlights! Starting off…we have to mention just how smooth and successful the Oly cycle turned out! We started from the top of the movements and worked everyone down to the floor, so hopefully even the newest athletes were able to walk away with some solid technical knowledge! We also saw lots of PRs in 8 weeks from our athletes, so props to everyone who put in the work and got stronger! We also finished our gymnastics cycle that worked on the skill before the metcon. We then threw in interfering movements to make the gymnastics focus more difficult. We are confident this cycle will carry over to the CF Open! Lastly, we focused on more SPRINT style workouts through various workout structures with the hope that everyone will better understand how hard they can push when it’s time to drop the hammer! 

Moving into September…we will utilize it as a prep month before our final strength cycle(s) of the year starts in October! We will see the Overhead Squat/ Bench Press in our first cycle in Oct, so we will highlight those movements once a week in September to get more exposure. We will also be getting back to working on some heavier pulling from the ground (Deads, Sumo Deads, and Odd Objects) since we didn’t get much of that during the Oly Cycle. We will also be working the Double Under in skill sessions throughout the month! The goal here is to increase our capacity there and carry those dubs into the 2024 CF Open. The conditioning focus will also start to shift from anaerobic back to aerobic aka PURE GPP BURNERS. Lastly, we will tackle some fun benchmark retests this month. Buckle up…we are going to be busy this month.

 NCFIT Workout Weekly September Commitments

  • Strength Focuses…
    • (1) Barbell Cycling Day
    • (1) Bench Press Day 
    • (1) Overhead Squat Day 
  • Metcon Focuses…
    • (1-2) Shorter Sprint Days
    • (1) Heavy Day 
    • (2-3) Mod-Long Workouts
    • (1) Long Workout