Snatch It

Boulder CrossFit – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

WOD: “Snatch it”

0:00-6:00 min

50 Double Unders (scaled is 90 singles)

800m Run

*max Power Snatches with time remaining 95/65/55

6:00-8:00 min REST


100 Double Unders (125 singles scaled)

400m Run

*max power snatches with time remaining 135/95/65

14:00-16:00 min REST

16:00-30:00 min

150 Double Unders (200 singles scaled)

200m run

*find a heavy snatch can be power or squat in the time left over

* 2 scores

*score 1 is total REPS on snatches

*score 2 is your 1rep max snatch


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