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Thursday June 21st


Thursday June 21st

Chris Plank at Boulder CrossFit

5 Minute Push up/Plank Challenge Day 21: 50 hr push ups. Not for time (although use a 5 minute cap. Don’t think speed, think PEFECT form and FULL range of motion. Scale to knees, box or elevated bar.


5 supersets of: body weight bench press & strict pull ups

*Do max reps of each. Scale if necessary to 3/4 or 1/2 body weight on the bench and banded, or jumping on the pull ups.


In teams of two:

partner 1: 100m row

partner 2: 100m run

then switch

1st partner to finish the run or the row does burpees until tagged by the other partner. Whoever has done more burpees in 5 minutes is the winner.

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