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Thursday June 28th


Thursday June 28th

Side Plank at Boulder CrossFit

5 Minute Push up/Plank Challenge Day 28: Max plank from hands. Yep, thats right – you did the math! 5 minute plank! FYI – The gym record is held by Barry (age 74) at 6 minutes. I’ll extend the 5 minute challenge time to as long as needed to try to take Barry down! Happy Planking!


“Green Machine”

2 rounds of 2 minute amraps:

200m run then max snatch

200m run then max thrusters

200m run then max SDHP

200m run then max push press

Rest 1 minute between every 2 minute amrap. RX weights are 95/65/45#. Score TOTAL cumulative reps.

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