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Thursday November 29th


Thursday November 29th

pull ups at Boulder CrossFit


*deadlift 5×8 @35% of 1 rm

*5 second negatives


“Midline Mayhem”

2 rounds of

10 strict t2b

20 banded good mornings

30 ab mat sit ups

40 flutter kicks (each leg)

While we spend most of our time working with heavy loads on the major movers in squats, deadlifts, pull ups, press and the like, there is great value in accessory movements, lighter weights and midline training. These movements provide variance and are less taxing on the nervous system, allowing us to add volume to our training and helps us work weaknesses or imbalances. If core strength is limiting our ability to do toes to bar, adding in accessory work like flutter kicks on top of toes to bar practice will move us in the right direction while keeping it constantly varied. 

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