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Tired of the gym routine? Boulder CrossFit isn’t a traditional gym where you reluctantly go after work, plug in your head phones to avoid unwanted interaction and do the same old routine.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Are you tired/burnt out from all those hard WOD’s? We got you covered. At Bolder CrossFit, we offer Olympic Weightlifting programming for all of our members. Programming will be written up 3x a week in our gym for members to come in and lift/train at their own pace. These are self-run sessions and require a basic knowledge of Olympic lifting before following the programming.

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High School Sports &

Winter Off-Season Training
Boulder High School Baseball Team

Do you have a high school athlete or run a sports team looking for some off-season training? We got you covered. At Boulder CrossFit we program fun, teambuilding workouts that will turn your student athletes into All Stars on and off the field. Our normal off season schedule meets 2x a week for 1 hour after school, normally from 3:55-4:55pm. However, we can work with your teams schedule. Please email for pricing and details.

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