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Friday December 1st

Coach Brandon teaching olympic lifting at awesome Boulder CrossFit

“A Game”

10 burpee box jump on and overs 30/24/20″

20 thrusters 95/65/45#

30 ball slams 40/30/20#

40 kb swings 53/35/26#

50 wall balls 20/14/10#

100 double unders

50 wall balls

40 kb swings

30 ball slams

20 thrusters

10 burpee box jump on and overs


Wednesday November 29th

6 week womens crossfit challenge at Boulder CrossFit


pause back squat 3-3-3-3-3 ascending

*3 second pause at the bottom of the squat. Think slow down, 3 second pause, then explode up!

accessory work:

*3 rounds of:

10 overhead reverse barbell lunges

10 pistols

10 weighted 20″ box knee ups

*Not for time. All 10 each leg

*Get ready for this Friday’s “A Game” workout! Rest up, see you there!


Tuesday November 28th

kipping pull ups at the best ranked crossfit gym in Boulder - Boulder CrossFit


5 supersets of

5 Ring pull ups

10 Ring push ups

*not for time, work form and full range of monition. think “slow down/speed up” on every rep.


“Hot Wheels”

6 minute amrap of:

6 burpees

12 toes to bar

24 double unders