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Thursday January 4th

KB swings at awesome Boulder CrossFit! Fun - Family - Community


5 supersets of:

max strict pull ups

max seated dumbbell press AHAP

*record total reps & weights used each round.

accessory work:

band pull aparts

plate work

bar hangs

hand stand holds

Yay pull ups!


Wednesday January 3rd

Women's Challenge at the best gym on the planet, Boulder CrossFit!

Our Next Women’s Challenge Starts On January 15th!


EMOM x 10

3 back squats at 50-60% of 1 rm

*Focus on form, not speed. Listen to your coaches and make your corrections. “Slow down, speed up”



2 rounds of:

1 min row sprint (calories)

1 min max lateral stick jumps 24/20/16″ (over and back is 1)

1 minute rest

core cash out

“Exercise, add intensity, live to see another year”


Tuesday January 2nd

box jumps at Boulder CrossFit - best crossfit gym in boulder

“Double Trouble”

2 rounds of:

12 Kettlebell Swings 53/35/26#
12 Box Jumps 24/20/16″
12 Pull-ups
12 Front Squats 95/65/45#
12 Toes to Bar
12 Push Press 95/65/45#
12 Deadlifts 95/65/45#
12 Wall Balls 20/14/10#
12 Burpees
12 Double Unders