Boulder Crossfit is NOT Crossfit HQ!

In the past, when it came to race or politics, I thought the safest route was to stay silent. After all, we are a gym and we specialize in fitness, With everything going on in the world though, I realize that as an affiliate owner, I must speak out against racism, especially as it’s so deeply intertwined with health and community, core tenants of our business. Over the last few days, Crossfit HQ has shown a lack of empathy for its global affiliate community. Their initial silence, followed by the CEO’s recent remarks, making a joke of racial injustice, made me ashamed to be connected to this organization. But now is the time for me as an affiliate owner to speak up.

I want everyone to know this…Boulder Crossfit has and always will be about bringing people together through fitness and celebrating differences. What makes our community special is not the “Crossfit” we do, but how we cheer each other on and show up for one another, no matter one’s race, religion, ability, orientation, political stance. We stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement and our community must be one where everyone feels welcome, included, and heard.

We as a gym are looking into ways we as a local business can make an actual impact. To start, I’ve made a $200 donation to the Center for Policing Equity, as well as additional support for the Support Black Owned fund as a small step. The other actions won’t be as easy, but I’m committed to laying out a gameplan so that we ourselves also continue to grow — that could be doing more in our local communities, to doing more to diversify our own gym membership. While this will take some more reflection, it’s important to speak up now, even as we process and decide next steps.

Our gym wholeheartedly condemns Crossfit HQ and Greg Glassman’s comments, and the lack of empathy for George Floyd. Next Saturday, June 13th we will be doing a WOD in honor of not only Geroge Floyd’s life but all the black lives that have been taken in the hands of police brutality. Please join us either at the 9am or 10:15am WOD.