Boulder CrossFit: May 2021 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Spring is finally here and Summer is right around the corner! We are all hopefully getting a taste of life post-COVID and seeing the light at the end of pandemic life. We’re super excited to finally be able to host some more social events outside of the gym in the coming months. Be on the lookout for more details on outings later this summer. As for this month, take a few minutes to see all the fun announcements. 

Memorial Day Murph and Gym Get Together: Saturday, May 29th: 9am and 10:30am 

For those who don’t know what this event is all about, please see above for the actual workout itself. And for those who don’t know the WHY behind the workout, check it out HERE. This is an annual event that Boulder CrossFit has done every year since our opening in 2012. However, this year we are going the extra mile (no pun intended)! After last month’s fundraising success, we decided to keep it rolling. BCF will become an “official host” for the Murph Challenge which means we are donating $250 to the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. The event is completely FREE for all BCF members, families, and friends. If you do wish to donate, the organization is only asking for a $30 registration fee which will get you a t-shirt and give you the ability to see where you rank against others in this workout. 

We will be running only two classes this day. One at 9am and one at 10:30am Each class will be capped at 25 total people and for the most part, can be done outside. Be sure to register early through Wodify the week before (registration will open up on Monday, May 24th). After the workout, join us for some food and cold drinks outside of the gym. If you want to bring anything to throw on the grill, be sure to do so. Friends and family are welcome to come to participate, or just watch and cheer you on! 

Also, if anyone is interested in Drydens Crawfish Feed after the workout, we will post up a sign-up at the gym for you to put your name down on it. Depending on how many people we get, it should be about $10-$20/person for fresh Crawfish and all the fixings. Be sure to ask Dryden for more details on this! 

*Note: Saturday, May 22nd class is canceled for Staff Development Day. There will be Open Gym from 9-10am though. 

*Note: Sunday, May 30th Open Gym iscanceled. On Monday, May 31st there will only be a 9am and 10:15am class. 

May Athlete of the Month goes to…Emily!

While Emily has only been a member at BCF for 2 months now, her positive attitude and energy in the gym are truly special. She joined BCF with the intention of finding a safe space where she could grow and learn new skills in. Emily loves all barbell workouts especially the power lifts. Her all-time favorite movement? Snatch deadlift to be specific:) Outside of the gym, Emily is a “learning experience designer” for an insurance company (ask her to explain that one). When she’s not crushing the barbell, you can find her spending time with all 4 of her dogs, camping, and skiing. Congrats, Emily! Next time you see her in the gym be sure to give her a big fist bump. 

Dogs at Boulder CrossFit: 


We wanted to write a blogpost about our new policy regarding dogs inside the gym moving forward. Just so everyone is on the same page as to what our official policy is, please be sure to read it. We absolutely love having dogs with us while we workout. However, be mindful and respectful of the new rules set in place to make our gym safer, cleaner, and a better experience for everyone. 

Happy Birthday to our May Members: Sarah, Azteca, Arlene, Tia, Riley, Marcus, Phil, Justin, and Giovanni! Don’t forget to come into a Saturday workout and plan with the coach on what you want to do.

Welcome new and returning Members to BCF: Danielle, Paula, Marcus, Cora, Matthew, Austin, Casey, Alexis, Phil, Caleb, and Kara.  

Thanks, everyone!