COVID Updates Nov 19. 2020

Hi Everyone, 

Starting this Friday, Nov 20th, we will now be capping ALL of our classes at 8 total members (9 with a coach). This is in response to Boulder counties new mandate for gyms to be open at 10% capacity or 10 total people whichever are fewer. Our building capacity is 92 which allows us to have 9 total people inside the gym at one time. Please note that class reservations are always REQUIRED. The last thing we want to do is turn you away from the gym when the class is already capped. 

We will be working on adding in additional open gym hours and another Saturday morning class after the Thanksgiving week. Please bear with us the next few weeks as we figure out how we can accommodate everyone’s schedule to best fit 9 people in the gym at once. Our 6am and 6:15pm classes are the least attended so if you can make either of those work that would be best. 

The good news is we are still allowed to be open! If we want to keep it that way, now is not the time for us as a gym to be lax about these new protocols. 

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions. 


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