CrossFit – Thu, May 11

Boulder CrossFit – CrossFit

Active Recovery (AMRAP – Reps)

Skill: Split Jerks (15-20 min progressions off rack)

Go over stance, jerk and recover

Option to work up in weight or stick to light weight and practice form

WOD: “Active Recovery”

Static Holds: Every 4:00×4 rounds (16 total mins)

:45 sec Barbell overhead press hold (15 sec break)

:45 sec max strict pull-ups or negatives. No Kip (15 sec break)

:45 sec HS Hold or walk for distance (15 sec break)

:45 sec max cal row (15 sec break)

Score= total reps on pull-ups and cals on rower. count 1 cal as 1 rep