January 2021 Newsletter

Hi Members, 

A New Year is finally upon us and we’re excited to approach 2021 with the same perseverance and optimism as we did with 2020! We know everyone has their own fresh resolutions (as do we as a gym) and we hope working out is at the top of your list. We couldn’t be more excited for all the fun, challenging, and exciting plans we have for Boulder CrossFit this year. Please take some time to read our news this month. 

January Gym Wide Challenge: 

This month we will be running a special challenge for all members. The winner will get $25 off their next month’s membership so this one counts a bit more! Here are the rules. 

The winner will be determined by the following criteria. Most classes attended in the month of January. This also INCLUDES any open gym hours. Members are able to come into Open Gym and 1 class in the same day as well. You must sign into Wodify AND mark your attendance down on the Whiteboard on your end.  If there is a tie between members in terms of the number of classes attended the winner will be decided by the max calories on the rower! For example, if Dryden and Jen both come to a total of 20 classes in the month of January, the winner will be whoever rows the most accumulated calories during the month. Calories count during WODs and before/after or during open gym hours. Be sure to mark down on the whiteboard your total calories rowed.  

*if your membership isn’t currently set to unlimited, it is now. For this month only we will upgrade everyone’s membership to unlimited at no extra cost. You’re welcome:) 

January Athlete of the Month goes to…Gloria! 

​​​​​​​While she’s only been a member with us for 1 month, Gloria has literally not missed a class. She joined Boulder CrossFit with the intention of being a role model for her 14-year-old daughter, Linda, who also joined the gym with her. Both Gloria and Linda find that Boulder CrossFit does wonders not only for physical health but mental health as well. Gloria was super nervous her first day with us as she couldn’t do a box jump and now 1 month in she’s doing them for reps in the workouts. Originally from Honduras, Gloria has been in Boulder for the past 16 years and enjoys hiking and being outside. Congrats, Gloria! We’re excited to see your progress with us in 2021. 

Boulder CrossFit: New Swag

We are getting ready to put in a new order of hoodies. These non-zip hoodies are super comfy and a bit more warm/thick than the ones we ordered last winter. Cost is $35/hoodie and they are unisex. If you would like one please put your name, color and size down on the whiteboard no later than Friday January 15th so we can know how many to order. We have black, purple, forrest green, grey and light green.

Please Leave Us A Review: 

Review Boulder Crossfit on Google and get a free can of FITAID! Great reviews are vital for us as a small local business to stay open. It would mean so much to us if you could take 1-2 minutes to leave a review. It’s much appreciated! 

January 2021 Blog post:

Each month, we’re going to try to send out at least 1 blogpost about fitness, nutrition, goals etc. Just a short read 3-5 min read. Check out our first one this month titled New Years Resolutions 2021: Yea or Nay?

Happy Birthday January Members:

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Shaun, Brett, Chris B, and Gloria. Don’t forget to come on into a Saturday workout and plan with the coach on what you want to do for that class. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks everyone! 

PS: Classes will be filling up fast the next few months as this time of year is always busy so please be sure to register ASAP for your preferred class times. Don’t forget there is plenty of room in our 6am and 6:15pm classes as well as open gym hours. 

Zach T.