September 2020 Newsletter!

Hi Members, 

Here’s our newsletter this month! Please reach out anytime with comments, questions, or suggestions. 

Monday, September 7th Labor Day Workout 9am:

Please note we will only be holding 1 class this morning. All other classes will be canceled for the day. The workout itself will mostly take place outside in the parking lot so we won’t be capping it. However, class reservations will still be required. All other classes this week will be on as normal. Friends/Family welcome to come workout with us for FREE this day. 

Sept 1-Sept 30th  Gym Wide Air Squat Challenge 30k:

Our next gym wide challenge is set to be 30k total accumulated squats. Any type of squats work. Think Air Squats, Front/Back/Overheard, Goblet, or Pistol Squats. The only rule is that they must be done inside the gym to count. 

Boulder Crossfit Scholarship Program:

Starting September and for 3-6 months after, we will be introducing our first ever Scholarship program! The contest itself will take place over social media but the goal behind it is to provide FREE memberships to underrepresented groups/people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a gym membership. We’re super excited and fortunate to be in a position as a gym to offer these free memberships and we hope you all see the value in it as well. Make sure you like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to read about the details/requirements of this scholarship program. If you know someone who you think would be a great fit for this program and you are not on social media, please let us know. 

Refer a Friend, Co-Worker, Roommate or Family Member to BCF 

Crossfit is always more fun with a buddy. Starting September 1st and for every month until 2021 we will be offering $25 off any of your monthly memberships if you refer someone and they end up joining the gym (and staying). Don’t forget we offer ongoing FREE trial weeks and FREE Saturday classes as well for beginners. 

September Member of the Month goes to…Pedro! 

We’re bringing back our Athlete of the Month. September 2020 goes to Pedro! Pedro has been a member with us for only 6 months. He’s a CU research professor of climate change. Originally from Argentina, his favorite CrossFit movement are thrusters but hates muscle-ups. When he’s not crushing the 6:15pm class, he’s cooking. Ask him about his homemade sourdough bread. Congrats Pedro!

Welcome New Members and Happy Birthday September Members  

Please help us in welcoming a few new members to the gym. If you see an unfamiliar face, be sure to introduce yourself next time in class. Welcome, Sanjhana, Daisy, and Paloma! Also, we would like to wish a HBD to Dasiy, Brian, Ryan H, Serena, and Michael. Don’t forget to come on into a Saturday class and make up the fun WOD for us all. 

Continue registering for Classes in Wodify:

We’ve noticed over the past few months that some of you all have been forgetting to register for the class prior to coming into the gym. Just a friendly reminder that class reservations are REQUIRED for all classes. Out of respect for our coach’s time, if no one is registered for class 10 mins prior to the start time it is auto-canceled so, please make sure you register (not 2 mins before class in the parking lot) prior to coming here. Thank you:) 

See you all in the gym soon! 


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