Boulder CrossFit: Gym Etiquette

The intention behind this post is to make sure everyone who enters our gym in Boulder, understands and is on the same page with one another when it comes to gym etiquette. These simple rules will go a long way to making our gym the best in town so please be sure to refer to them if there’s any confusion.

1: Show up on time to class. This means if class starts at 5pm and you routinely stroll in around 5:05pm then you are late. Not only will you miss important introductions on the workout but you’re literally cutting yourself short. Our classes and coaches plan around a full 60 minutes and you should too. We understand work/life may happen every once in a while but if you do show up late every week, then please just wait until the next class to attend.

2: Wait till EVERYONE is finished with the workout to start putting your equipment away. We get it. You happened to finish your workout 5 minutes before everyone else. Great job! But please wait till the whole class is done to clean up. It can be very distracting and demoralizing when you are on your last round and you see people cleaning up and getting ready to leave.

3: Clean up after yourself. This means wiping down barbells or rigs that you may have left bloody. Putting away ALL your equipment and not leaving stuff out for our coaches to pick up after you.

3: Chalk stays in the BUCKET! Yes, this means you will have to walk an extra 10 feet to chalk up your hands but this keeps our gym clean and looking nice. Chalk should never be put on the floor or used to write on the rig. Even if you bring your own chalk, please keep it in a bag and off the ground. Chalk is one of the hardest things to get off our mats so be sure to be mindful when using it.

4: Load and unload the barbell correctly. Most of us know that we should never drop empty barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells from overhead but we often don’t think about the loading/unloading part of barbells. When taking off a weight from one side of the barbell, please don’t let it just drop to the ground. Will this break the barbell? No, but doing it every single day, dozens of times a day by 100 plus members will make the barbells fall apart over time.

5: Don’t walk in front of someone lifting. Not only is this dangerous but can be very distracting to the person lifting.

6: Trust and listen to your coach. We are here because we want the best for you. If this means we suggest taking down the weight or scaling back to hit the stimulus of the WOD then it’s probably best you listen to avoid injury.

While most of these points may seem like common sense to us, you’d be surprised at how many times we have to remind people. If you find yourself doing any of the above things, just remind yourself that at the end of the day, they are here to make BCF the best overall gym experience in town!