Boulder CrossFit Membership rates 2023 

Prior to owning Boulder CrossFit, I was a CrossFit member at 3 different gyms for over 8 years. As a member, I always believed the owner should absorb every cost of running their business and I should never have to pay more than I initially signed up for. For the last 4 years, I’ve done exactly that. 

Since the ownership change in 2019, we’ve added over 15k in new equipment/inventory. We’ve built our coaching team to 7 and have been able to slowly grow our community. We did all of this even during the COVID shutdowns in 2020 and through it all have not once raised membership rates. 

That being said, after careful consideration, my team and I have decided to raise all memberships by an additional $6/month effective Jan 1st, 2023. Please see below for some FAQ’s. 

1: Why are you deciding to raise rates now? 

Simply put, it’s 2023. Inflation is real and I’m sure you’ve all seen the cost of everything go up over the last year or so. Most commercial leases have an annual escalation in their rent and we are no different. We’ve been able to absorb the cost the past 4 years but to keep up with current market rates, we’ve had to raise your membership cost. 

2: Will you raise rates every year or is this the last time? 

We do NOT have plans on continuing to raise rates each year. Our goal is to raise them once and that will cover costs moving forward. 

3: What will I get for an additional $6/month? 

Whatever extra money is generated will be reinvested into the gym. We want to buy a few extra rogue echo bikes (approx 2k) along with some more misc things. 

4: Are your rates the most expensive in town? 

CrossFit is NOT cheap. We understand that. Our model is based off of you showing up to class 4-5x/week and making it worth it. If you consistently come to 4 classes/per week our rates break down to about $12/class which is slightly lower than the industry average. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the rate increase, please know that my door is always open to chat in person or on the phone about this. Do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

Thank you for being the best CrossFit members ever! 

-Zach T