Wednesday April 29th 2020

Warm up

12 mins of work


10 lunge to squat

10 band pull aparts

10 band pass throughs


Death by…. Thrusters

Start at 0:00 do 1 Thruster (rest with remaining min)

1:00 Do 2 Thrusters (rest with remaining min)

2:00 Do 3 Thrusters

*Continue to add 1 more Thruster every min until you can’t complete in a given min.

When you finish, rest 3 Mins then Death by…Pullups

Same format as above

Score your total amount of Thrusters and Pullups combined

Barbell 115/85/65lbs

CASH OUT: attend mobility class at 12pm or stretch on your own!

MINIMAL EQUIPMENT VERSION: Sub Barbell for 2 KB or DB’s (40/30/20lbs)


Sub Barbell for ODD OBJECT

Sub Pullups for Bent over Rows