August 2021: Newsletter

Hi Everyone, 

Summer is already flying by! We’ve got some super exciting news for this upcoming month. Be sure to take a few minutes to read it and let us know if you have any questions. 

Saturday, August 14th, 9am-10:30am: Red Rocks Workout and Optional Brunch After 

We are excited to announce the return of our annual Red Rocks Workout. Last year it was canceled due to COVID but were back this year. Let’s meet in the parking lot at Red Rocks at 9am for a fun outdoor team workout. If anyone needs a ride please let us know and we can coordinate a few cars to leave from the gym. After the Red Rocks workout, we can all plan to go out to Brunch in Boulder depending on the size of our group. Please note, that there will be no regular class at the gym this Saturday. 

Saturday, August 21st: 9am class moved to 7:45am. Gym CLOSED the rest of the weekend 

We are gearing up for a busy Fall and end of 2021. Our classes are growing each week which means it’s finally time to re-organize the gym to make it more usable/safe for larger groups. Our plan right now is to move our current 40-foot rig 2 feet away from the wall, which will open up more room to use 4 more racks. We will then be installing this awesome new 14-foot rig to the lefthand side of the whiteboard which will give us an additional 4 racks and 6-8 more pullups stations. As you can imagine, this is a big project which will take tons of sweat and hard work.

We will move our normal 9am class on Saturday to 7:45am and then the gym will be closed the rest of the weekend. This also means no dropping in even if you are on the 24/7 access key. We will need the full 2 days to get this done. We can’t wait to show you all the improvements!

PS: If anyone is willing to come help with any or all of this, please let Zach know so we can plan accordingly. 

Important Note on Using Equipment: 

Please treat our gym equipment as if it were your own. We know you aren’t doing this on purpose but please do NOT drop any 10lb plates from overhead. If this continues our 10lb plates will break as they are floppy and not meant to be dropped overhead at any time. 

In addition to the bummer plates, please do NOT drop the empty barbell on the floor at any time. Most of you are great at following this rule during warmup and class but for some reason during clean-up, the rules get thrown out. For example, when unloading one side of the barbell with weights, some of you have been dropping the other side that has no weights on it. Overtime, this will destroy the barbells, especially the spin of them. Our coaches will try their best to remind you all during and after class so please don’t take it personally if we call you out. 

August Athlete of the Month: Adam B. 

Congrats, Adam! Adam is one of our longest BCF members. He’s been with us for 5 years now! He’s stuck with our gym because he was most impressed with our supportive community, great indoor and outdoor spaces, and great coaches. His favorite lift is the power clean but isn’t a fan of the front squat. Outside of the gym, Adam is an engineering manager at Google (specifically the google drive team). When he’s not crushing it in the gym, he enjoys spending time with his family and mountain biking/skiing. Next time you see him in class, give him a huge high five. Here’s to another 5 years, Adam! 

Welcome New Members to BCF: Welcome, Anne-Marie, Adam, Aubrey, Heather, Garrett, and Brad. 

Happy Birthday to our August members: Cheryl, Mak, Tatiane, Aubrey, and Aliza. 

That’s it for this month. Thank you all for being awesome!