October 25, 2023
Boulder CrossFit – CrossFit WOD (No Measure) Skill: Hand stand walks 6 min emom Min 1: :30 sec hand stand walk practice Min 2: :45 easy sec bike, ski, row or run WOD: 20 min EMOM MIN 1 – 12/10 cal bike or 12/10cal row MIN 2 – 12 ab mat sit-ups (option for GHD)...
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Sticky Post
Last month, we got SPOOKY strong as we finished up our short wave loading cycle for the Power Clean/ Bench Press/ & Front/Overhead Squat. We retested some Benchmark workouts, and we also hit some fun new Workouts of the Week, including a challenging new Halloween workout!We saw gymnastics skill/ strength work 1-2 times a week,...
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