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Wednesday November 8th

handstand holds at Boulder CrossFit Best Gym!


back squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

accessory work:

*3 rounds of:

100′ sled sprint

10 pistols (each leg)

10 weighted Bulgarian split squats (each leg – double kettlebell – work with your coaches on weight)

*Not for time


Tuesday November 7th

kb swings at the best gym in Boulder - Boulder CrossFit


EMOM x8:

1 clean and jerk heavy or

2 clean and jerks moderate


“Sand Castles”

10 min amrap of:

100 double under buy in then:

3 power cleans 155/105/75#

6 strict pull ups

9 bar dips


Monday November 6th

Strong Woman at Boulder CrossFit - "Best Gym in Boulder"

Thanksgiving Schedule:

Thursday November 23rd: No Classes – Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday November 24th: For “Black Friday”, we will have three options to workout. First off, from 7:30am to 8:30am – Open Gym. Then at 8:30am, we will be doing a Hero WOD (come 15 minutes early to start warming up and getting ready!), and finally at 9:30am we will be hosting a Fun Family Workout! Bring the Kids, Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles and Friends for this fun and challenging workouk!

WOD for Monday November 6th:

skill – 

handstand holds – push ups & walk progressions

strength and conditioning:

“Clock Work”

At the 0:00

:30 second handstand hold

200m row sprint

20 high jump air squats

At the 5:00

:30 second bar hang

200m row sprint

20 stick jumps 24/20/16″

2 minute rest

At the 10:00

:30 second overhead sandbag hold 50/30/20#

200m row sprint

60 feet of broad jump burpees

2 minute rest

At the 15:00

:30 second bus driver squat hold 25/15/10#

200m row sprint

20 lunges (each leg)

*Score each of the 4 sections separately.