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Wednesday November 1st

"The Bear Complex" at Boulder CrossFit - Boulder's Best CrossFit Gym!

warm up:

“After” Pull up testing

strength and conditioning:

“The Bear Complex”

5 Rounds

Complete 7 Cycles of the following sequence:

  • Power Clean
  • Front Squat
  • Push Press
  • Back Squat
  • Push Press.

7 Cycles = 1 Round.

Rest as needed between Rounds.

Add weight for each set.  Final Round should be for Max Load.

You are not allowed to let go or rest the bar on the ground during each cycle (touch and go only).  Not even to re-grip.

Video Instruction HERE


Tuesday October 31st

pull ups at the best gym in Boulder - Boulder CrossFit

strength and conditioning:

“Jack in the Box”


deadlifts 225/155/105#

wall balls 20/14/10#

pull ups

pumpkin at Boulder CrossFit


Monday October 30th



Monday night = Come in costume for our annual Halloween WOD and stay for drinks and pumpkin carving!

Halloween Party at Boulder CrossFi


warm up:

Burgener warm up / snatch balances


EMOM x15 rotate between:

5, 3 or 1 hang power snatch

5, 3 or 1 overhead squat

5, 3 or 1 squat snatch

For the 5 reps, use a moderate weight (about 50% or 1 rm), for the 3 reps,  go heavier (65%) or 1 rep at about 80%.

cash out:

500m row sprint!


Friday October 27th

butterfly pull ups at the best gym for all ability levels at Boulder CrossFit

“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds of:

1 minute max wall balls 20/14/10#

1 minute max SDHP 75/55/35#

1 minute max box jumps 20″

1 minute max push presses 75/55/35#

1 min max calorie row

1 minute rest